Pekau Sets the Record Straight

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Pekau Sets the Record Straight (Orland Park, IL) – Last week, Desperate Sean Casten released a digital ad in his bid for re-election in the new sixth congressional district. The ad features a woman misrepresenting Casten’s Republican opponent Keith Pekau’s views. A few days later, mailers were sent with the same false claims in an attempt to scare voters into re-electing Casten.

Where are the fact-checkers when you need them?

Pekau issued the following statement to clear up the misinformation from the Casten campaign:

“Sean Casten can’t run on his own record. He has used his seat in Congress to push for massive energy subsidies that benefit him and his family, and has done little to help the people of IL-06. In the past 3 years, Congressional Democrats and President Biden have walked the country into one unmitigated disaster after another – from Afghanistan, to the Southern Border,  to our Supply Chain, to Energy. The economy is collapsing and crime is on the rise. He advocated and voted for the policies that have led us to this precarious point in our history. Moreover, Illinois Democrats – his own party – quietly put in place an anti-police, pro-criminal bill that is so dangerous it shocked the entire nation. 

“Sean Casten also doesn’t want to talk about my record. As Mayor of Orland Park, we took a different path than the rest of the state and our economy has grown. Over 600 businesses have opened in Orland Park in the past 5 years. That means jobs for people in Orland Park. Crime has dropped to its lowest level in 27 years, because I prioritized working with law enforcement and keeping our citizens safe.” 

“So Casten has resorted to lying about my position. It’s the Democrats’ playbook. They have governed so abysmally that their only hope is that they can scare enough people into believing their lies. It’s pathetic. 

“I don’t imagine Casten will quit this dishonest line of attack. He’s going to keep lying about me, and I am going to continue to tell the truth about him.” 

Pekau Sets the Record Straight


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  1. My guess is that Casten doesn’t comment on your “record” because he doesn’t like to say bad things about folk. Almost everything you say is to attack, with your few occasional policy statements being so vague and general that nothing worthwhile can be said about them. Which is also true here. Supposing for the nonce that your brags about your role in. job growth and crime decline are true, they are inapplicable to US Representative

  2. Exactly how does Casten’s ad lie about your position on abortion? Based on what you’ve said in the past, Casten’s ad correctly states your position. If you have changed your mind or that ad is incorrect, stop putting politics over people, and politics over truth, and tell the people specifically what your position on abortion policy is.

  3. I can’t stand still when a politician uses the unethical tactic of saying, “My opponent is a notorious liar and you can’t believe a word he says” and then goes on to tell his own lies! The fact is that Sean Casten’s record in Congress is one of service to the 6th District and the world. He has done amazing work on climate, health care, education, job creation, lowering the cost of energy, voter protection, rebuilding infrastructure, reasonable gun safety, and social justice. He is a public servant who works incredibly hard to protect all citizens and has brought back to the 6th District over $4 million dollars in support of local projects to help better the lives of his constituents. He has assisted hundreds of individuals to resolve problems impacting their lives. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of Sean Casten is that he listens carefully to his constituents and works hard to offer solid solutions to problems. The record he stands on is one of positive, meaningful accomplishments to serve our District, State and Nation. Unlike Pekau, he does not need to stoop to “fear mongering and complaining” without offering solutions. The 6th District needs to re-elect Sean Casten to Congress and send Pekau back to Orland Park!