Ogle Endorses Three Candidates for Frankfort Trustee

Mayor Keith Ogle
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Ogle Endorses Three Candidates for Frankfort Trustee (Frankfort, IL) — Frankfort Mayor Keith Ogle has announced his choices for the three trustee positions in the upcoming municipal election on Tuesday, April 4th. There are a total of five candidates running for three positions.

Ogle explained that two years ago, voters in Frankfort elected him to lead the Village because they believed in and supported his vision and platform for the future of Frankfort.  “I put forth a plan and voters endorsed my views to improve public safety, address infrastructure needs, support economic development and expand our social and cultural vibrancy,” explained Ogle.

He is asking voters to place their faith in him once again.

“Voters trusted me to guide our Village and to do what is best for all of us with no hidden agendas or perks for political insiders.  Since the election cycle began, I’ve been asked by residents throughout the village who I want to work with me.  I need voters to trust me in selecting the trustees who will serve on the Village Board for the next four years,” Ogle stated.

He is endorsing trustee candidates Maura Rigoni, Marc Dabaco, and Hillary Kurzawa for the three open positions.  “They have my full support and endorsement.  The Village staff and I are working hard to solve real problems facing our Village.  We need trustees who will listen to the facts, protect our taxpayer dollars and work closely with me and my staff to implement the platform voters supported,” added Ogle.

Ogle complimented the hard work of the staff and administration in getting things accomplished since taking office. “All of us are working hard and the results show we are moving in the right direction,” Ogle explained.  He cited the investments in road, sewer repairs and improvements, as well as modernizing software systems purchased to provide better service to the residents, and the newly created events happening year-round.

“Even with all the good that is happening, you can’t ignore problems and election time is when you need to take a hard and honest look at what is going on behind the scenes, what agendas are at play and who is really going to represent the best interests of the community.”

He stressed the necessity for independent trustees who are not beholden to outside interests and will do what is right and not what is popular for a select few. Ogle stated his endorsements come after seriously evaluating the platforms of the candidates running.

“The Village wants trustees who share a vision for moving Frankfort forward while preserving the charm and characteristics that make our community special.  Maura Rigoni, Marc Dabaco, and Hillary Kurzawa will do that and more while bringing a fresh perspective to the Board. They will work selflessly together and truly do what is right for all of us,” added Ogle.

Ogle Endorses Three Candidates for Frankfort Trustee


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