Monique Hoffman Resigns as 3rd Ward Republican Committeeman, Blasts Chicago GOP in a Scathing Letter

Monique Hoffman Resigns as 3rd Ward Republican Committeeman
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Monique Hoffman Resigns as 3rd Ward Republican Committeeman (Chicago, IL) – In a letter leaked to the Southland Journal, Monique Hoffman officially resigns as 3rd Ward Committeeman of the Chicago GOP. The Ward represents parts of the Bronzeville Community in Chicago.

The Letter Reads:

Dear Sean Morrison:

It has been a little under a year of serving as an appointed 3rd Ward Republican Committee-person. While I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve in this fashion, what I have learned in the past few months has forced me to reconsider this mission and commitment.

Throughout 2021, whenever I spoke with Chicago Residents, their comments were consistent:

• “you’re never going to win anything being a Republican in the city,” or
• “I can’t believe you actually tell people that you’re a Republican while living in the city.”

I thought to myself, “There has to be another way to support Republican values in Chicago.”

But I wanted to serve and try to advance the ideals of the Republican party. I was honored to be appointed 3rd Ward Committee-person, and I was committed to taking ownership of my ward and doing the best job I could for the party and for the constituents. While I understood that there was no handbook, no guidebook or anything kind of that sort, I was increasingly disappointed at how little support or direction was provided by the Chicago Republican Party.

In fact ….

What became more prominent were the organizational challenges, re-activeness towards everyone else’s actions except for those who accepted leadership positions, forged leadership and approaches to solving problems, lack of allies, and unnecessary judgments and drama. I am not in alignment with existing leadership and fellow committee-people, as a citizen or as an appointed committee-person.

Ultimately I learned it isn’t the Democrats that make it difficult living in the city of Chicago – it’s the Republican establishment. And they make it nearly impossible to make a difference in this city.

Half-baked, immature ideas, approaches, and leadership will continue to stunt the growth and progress, as well as further isolate independent and swing voters, with whom I relate to the most. We are not selling a better alternative, with solid solutions and direction. There is too much division and judgement – figuring out who is good enough to call themselves a Republican, who is “Republican enough,” who still backs Trump, etc.

And even more disturbing …

as I observed and learned from others, especially in the city party, the Republican ideals became less and less recognizable. [And] I’m not alone in this feeling, as many Chicagoans have reached out to me asking me what the Chicago GOP is doing about different challenges or how they feel about certain issues, or asking “when will the Chicago Republican Party do more than just hold drinking parties?” No Republican can win in Chicago with this type of “support” behind them.

So, after much consideration, I am resigning from my appointed role effective January 6th, 2022. It is clear to me that I can better serve the communities around me as a small business owner and private citizen, rather than as a Republican Committee-person. I’m signing off to get MORE done, rather than party politics. I’m wanting to get my hands dirty, without outdated restrictions and continued censorship.

Thank you again for this opportunity. I hope that sharing my experience as a Republican Committee-person will be taken into consideration, as constructive criticism, in order to make progress especially in the city.

Thank you,
Monique Hoffman

Monique Hoffman Resigns as 3rd Ward Republican Committeeman


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