Micaela Smith’s Vision of Diverse Leadership In Lansing

Micaela Smith Lansing's first Black trustee reflects on what the village has accomplished since she's been in office


Micaela Smith’s Vision of Diverse Leadership In Lansing (Lansing, IL) – Micaela Smith is running for the office of Trustee in Lansing with a vision of an inclusive community. Smith wants to see equitable representation because some things are a bit divided. She wants to see more multicultural engagement in business and in the community. “Many people live in Lansing but don’t participate in community events. I want to reach those that are not engaged,” said Smith.

Smith said she wants what the city offers to appeal to diverse groups.

Smith currently serves on the Lansing Human Relations Commission and was elected as a commissioner on Lansing’s Lan-Oak Park District Board. As a member of the Human Relations Commission, Smith is working to determine what the divide is and make sure there is representation.

“We cannot ignore the fact that the Black and Hispanic population is growing across the South Suburbs. There is a shift,” said Smith.

Smith wants a diverse legacy in Lansing starting with leadership that reflects the diverse changes in Lansing.

Smith is a longtime Lansing resident and has over 20 years of valuable experience in higher education and state government. Smith graduated from Morgan Park and The University of Illinois. She believes she represents the voice of the people.

Smith is the former Assistant Director of Government Affairs & Community Relations for Chicago State University. She also served as Chief of Staff to State Rep. Marcus C. Evans in the Illinois General Assembly. As Chief of Staff Smith learned about effective public service and fiscal policy. Smith refers to this experience as, “the training ground for public service.”

Smith gained an in-depth understanding of how bills are proposed and passed. This gave her insight into how change happens at the state level.

Smith is currently the Manager of Community Relations and External Affairs for Thornton Township. Smith said she finds fulfillment in public service and civic engagement. She plans to leverage her training to impact change in Lansing.

Smith said of her vision for Lansing, ”I see more efficient processes and constituent services for Lansing residents. I see local government leadership that mirrors the age and ethnic diversity of the community.”

Smith wants to establish constituent service programs. “I am focused on putting the people first and making sure people have a relationship with local government,” said Smith.

Many politicians run campaigns with promises to improve economic development and infrastructure, but Smith believes that connecting the community to local government is the path to establish an effective government that truly works for the people.

Micaela Smith’s Vision of Diverse Leadership In Lansing


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