Mayor Rogers Expects Full Recovery From Stroke

Mayor Rogers Expects Full Recovery From Stroke
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Village of Dolton Mayor Riley H. Rogers is up for re-election. Rogers suffered a stroke just before the first day of early voting, February 8. Rogers, while in recovery, issued the following statement to keep the community informed about his health status and plans to continue his duties as an elected official and push for re-election.

TO:     The Wonderful Residents of Dolton

“First of all, thank you for the outpouring of prayers and other support. I truly appreciate it.

I suffered a stroke about a week ago. Fortunately, I recognized the symptoms right away and I have been receiving top-flight medical care. All of the signs point to a full and speedy recovery.

I will be commencing rehabilitation in the next few days. Completing rehab will take a couple of weeks. While in rehab, I will be fully able to communicate with my staff via conference call and Zoom, and perform my duties as Mayor. I remain fully committed to serve you now and in years to come as your Mayor.

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As things progress, I will provide you with updates on my health and rehab progress. Once again, thanks to all Dolton residents for your continuing support.”

Best wishes,

Riley H. Rogers, Mayor

14122 CHICAGO RD • DOLTON, IL. 60419 • OFFICE: 708-849-4000 • FAX: 708-201-3307


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  1. Wonderful Mr. Mayor. Just please don’t allow Ronnie Burge to get anywhere near the Dolton Mayors office. That would be worst than Trump being acquitted. We all know him and what he is capable of. He should have never been police chief and he certainly would make a terrible mayor. No one would have a job except his family and his girlfriends. He shouldn’t even be allowed to run.
    All a person has to do is google his name and it’s all right there. No to Ronnie Burge for Mayor of Dolton. Not even by accident. Get well soon Mayor Rodgers.