Joyce Supports Ending Moratorium on New Nuclear Facilities



Joyce Supports Ending Moratorium on New Nuclear Facilities (Springfield, IL) — State Senator Patrick Joyce supported a measure that will enable the state to explore new clean energy options and create jobs in the energy industry.

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“When the moratorium is lifted, the state will be able to explore new nuclear technology, which will create new jobs,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “This is another testament to our state’s goal to be a leader in energy production.”

Under current law, there is a nuclear moratorium in place that prohibits construction of a new nuclear plant in Illinois and bars the Illinois Commerce Commission from issuing a certificate of public convenience and necessity for a new nuclear facility.

Earlier this year, Joyce supported a nearly identical measure — Senate Bill 76 — which was later vetoed by the governor due to concerns that the bill would open the door to costly large-scale plants that could result in state bailouts to remain in operation. After weeks of negotiations between environmental and labor groups, the new measure, House Bill 2473, would still lift the nuclear moratorium, but it clarifies it will only be for small modular nuclear reactors.

“As legislators, we need to make sure Illinois evolves and is a leader in clean energy,” said Joyce. “If we are going to achieve this goal, it is necessary to modernize our policies.”

House Bill 2473 passed the Senate Wednesday and heads to the House for further consideration.

Joyce Supports Ending Moratorium on New Nuclear Facilities


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