Joliet Native to Announce 2022 Campaign

Rachel Ventura


Joliet Native to Announce 2022 Campaign (Joliet, IL) 9th District Will County Board Member Rachel Ventura will make an announcement on Saturday, June 12th at Bolingbrook Town Hall, concerning a future campaign in the 2022 Democratic Primary, set for Tuesday, June 28th, 2022.

Ventura who was raised in Joliet, is a single mother of twin daughters. Currently, serves on the Will County Board for the 9th District, and is the business director for a publishing company. Among the accomplishments on the County Board, Ventura helped secure long-term clean water for 800 families living in Fairmont, spearheaded the hiring of a vaccine equity manager, chairs the Public Health and Safety committee, and continues to run without corporate PAC donations. Other accomplishments will be highlighted at the event.

The announcement for Ventura’s 2022 Democratic Primary campaign will start at 10:00am in front of the Bolingbrook Town Hall, 375 W Briarcliff Rd., Bolingbrook, IL. Rachel Ventura will speak at the event, as well as Former AFSCME President and Lockport Township Collector Sherry Williams, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member Shafeek Abubaker, Joliet Township Clerk and JJC Board member Alicia Morales and a few more speakers.

Joliet Native to Announce 2022 Campaign


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