ILGOP Statement on DNC Convention in Chicago

ILGOP Statement on DNC Convention in Chicago
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ILGOP Statement on DNC Convention in Chicago (Chicago, IL) – Today, the Democratic National Committee announced that they will host their national convention in Chicago. This comes only one week after the city chose to elect Cook County Commissioner, CTU Organizer, and radical socialist Brandon Johnson for Mayor over Paul Vallas.

“It should come as no surprise that the DNC wants to hold their convention in Chicago, where they can put the city’s failed far-left policies on display for the world to see,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.

This past weekend, Chicago experienced yet another violent weekend as 20 people were shot, 3 fatal. The weekend before that another 21 shot, 4 fatal. Crime continues to skyrocket across the City, as the number of carjackings grew by 102% and theft by 56% from 2021 to 2022. Meanwhile, it was reported recently that Cook County lost more than 68,000 residents in 2022, second only to L.A. County.

“Rampant violent crime, out of control taxes, residents and businesses fleeing in droves, and Chicago elects a mayor who wants to defund the police and raise Chicago’s already too high taxes. If this is the type of dangerous and socialistic governance the DNC wants to showcase as a model for the country as a whole, they chose well,” added Chairman Tracy.

Don Tracy is the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. Elected to the post in February of 2021, Chairman Tracy’’s top priority has been to unite and grow the Illinois Republican Party by advancing our message of anti-corruption, fiscal sanity, lower taxes, economic growth, and support for law and order.

Don Tracy

Don is a businessman and lawyer from Springfield – and serves as the first ILGOP Chairman from downstate Illinois since 1988. He was born in Illinois and raised in rural Mt. Sterling (Brown County, IL), the oldest of twelve children. Don and his eleven siblings own the successful family business, Dot Foods, Inc., the nation’s largest redistributor of food and related products, and other national businesses. Headquartered in Mt. Sterling (population: 2,025), Dot Foods, Inc. was founded in 1960 by Don’s father and currently employs 6,000 people across the United States and Canada.

ILGOP Statement on DNC Convention in Chicago


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