IL-31 Candidate Kenneth Yerkes Blasts Democrat Machine Politics

IL-31 Candidate Kenneth Yerkes Blasts Democrat Machine Politics
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IL-31 Candidate Kenneth Yerkes Blasts Democrat Machine Politics (Oak Lawn, IL) — Kenneth Yerkes’ closing Statement as the Republican Candidate for Illinois House of Representatives, 31st District:

Since January, I have knocked on thousands of doors to request voters to sign my petition and to introduce myself as the Republican Candidate for Illinois 31. My opponent, Representative Mary Flowers, is a Democrat machine politician and has been in office for 38 years.

Key voter issues I hear in my district bleed across the State of Illinois and right into Washington D.C. On November 8th, voters have a clear choice of more of the same with Illinois Democrat machine politicians, or, change course with Republican candidates.

Here are the top 7 issues I hear everyday:

  1. Inflation. Prices are sky high for gasoline, diesel, heating oil, natural gas, and electricity. This impacts the prices of everything we need to live. This inflation is an intentional result of policies passed by Democrat machine politicians in Illinois and Washington. The reckless roll-out of extreme green policies had no thought for the impact on our green cash. Democrat machine politicians think they have a plan for the next 20 years, and families are just trying to get to the end of the week.
  2. Real estate taxes and municipal fines and fees. Homeowners are being crushed by taxes, especially in the Southside and south suburban Cook County. Democrat machine politicians in Springfield have run Illinois into the ground. Highest unemployment, worst bond rating, highest real estate taxes, most underfunded pension funds, worst performing schools, highest exodus of homeowners and businesses. Republican candidates will work to eliminate waste in government and use zero-based budgeting to restore fiscal responsibility – just like families do with their budgets.
  3. Crime. Democrat machine politicians and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx sponsored by George Soros have changed the course of policing and the administration of justice. Republican candidates support the police and understand the first responsibility of an elected official is to protect the safety of citizens.
  4. Sanctuary State and Cities. Pritzker and Duckworth are 100% supportive of Biden’s open border policy. This has created an unimaginable crisis on so many levels – human trafficking unlike any time in recorded history, unrestricted drug trade, extortion, rape, human rights violations. A country must protect its borders. Illegal immigration has many long-lasting impacts on our civil society and is a threat to our freedom and liberty.
  5. Fentanyl overdose deaths – 100,000 US citizens in the past year. There are no Federal enforcement assets being deployed to stop the Fentanyl flow at its source and open borders policy is direct support for cartels. The unrestricted flow of Fentanyl across the Southern Border impacts every family, regardless of political party. Fentanyl is poison, made in China, shipped to transnational cartels in Mexico and pressed into pills. This is China’s unrestricted warfare – Fentanyl is intended to degrade and tear apart our society and to make as much money as quickly as possible for the Cartels and China. The drug cartels have identified a whole new demographic – 7th graders and up. Drug dealers use Grub Hub  and Uber Eats to deliver Fentanyl pills right to your front door with your food order. Elect Republican Kathy Salvi to be our new Senator from Illinois because she vows to fight the drug cartels and China to stop the Fentanyl destruction of our citizens.
  6. Sexualizing children in our schools. Parents are the most vocal in opposition to curriculum created by the Teachers Unions. This hypersexualizes the discourse in our classrooms, degrades the family, and replaces God in the classroom and public square. As you legislator in Springfield I will work to protect our children.
  7. Mandates. Government and CDC and Fauci’s NIAID mandates run over every Constitutional Right. Forced vaccines in order to keep your job, mask mandates that have no benefit, forced closure of our schools, libraries, pools, gyms, barber shops, beauty shops, churches, businesses, every small company that is not elite owned. Big Pharma and their so-called Private Foundations (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Wellcome Trust, others) have co-opted our government. You want more of this? Vote Democrat. Or, fail to Vote Republican. Today, the citizen voter’s biggest weapon is their fingertip. VOTE REPUBLICAN. JUST DO IT FOR OUR KIDS. AND FOR THE LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY.

Here’s an example of recent laws passed by the Democrat machine politicians in Springfield, and that I will oppose and work to reverse:

  1. A law that allows for 13-year old girls to get an abortion without parental notification.
  2. A law that reduces felony to misdemeanor for several dangerous street drugs. Keep in mind, this law is in the context of the unrestricted flow of Fentanyl into our cities. Our US Government has deployed no assets to fight this drug trade. And Democrat machine politicians are giving a free-pass to illegals who are here to sell drugs.
  3. A law that gives the Department of Public Health power to close private schools during a “health emergency.”
  4. A law that erases all gender-specific pronouns in state law.
  5. Illinois Democrats voted to allow late term abortions and post-birth infanticide, 100% paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Maybe the worst of all these examples, are these 2 beauties from the Democrat machine party.

  • SAFE-T ACT. This is opposed by 100 of 102 States Attorneys in Illinois. I will work to repeal.
  • AMENDMENT 1 – I strongly recommend voting NO – this is a public union power grab, and it will increase taxes and give nearly unlimited Constitutional power to unelected public union official and their members.

There are stark differences between Republican and Democrats. In my campaign I support every Republican candidate in the State. Kathy Salvi for Senate. Darren Bailey for Governor. Mayor Keith Pekau for Congress. And every Republican on the ballot. I ask you for your vote for Kenneth Yerkes for Illinois 31.

IL-31 Candidate Kenneth Yerkes Blasts Democrat Machine Politics


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