FUBU Co-Creator & ‘Shark Tank’ Personality Daymond John Donates Books to CPS and CPL

FUBU Co-Creator Daymond John Donates Books to CPS and CPL
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FUBU Co-Creator Daymond John Donates Books to CPS and CPL (Chicago, IL) — Businessman, TV personality, motivational speaker, and bestselling author Daymond John donated thousands of copies of his book, “Little Daymond Learns to Earn,” on Thursday to 150 District schools and several Chicago Public Library (CPL) branches across the city.

Mr. John, a New York City native, is widely known for his appearances on the ABC TV series, “Shark Tank,” and for co-creating FUBU (For Us, By Us), the streetwear clothing line brand that gained immense popularity during the 1990s. Mayor Brandon Johnson joined Mr. John Thursday morning at Milton Brunson Math & Science Specialty Elementary, where they read the book to students and guests.  The donation was made possible in collaboration with local donors Amy and Scott Madden who were on hand as they helped bring 800 copies of the book to Chicago schools and 81 CPL branches. The District partnered with the Chicago Public Library in order to make the event a success.

“As someone who remembers the importance of the FUBU brand to the community, it’s amazing to see Daymond John continuing to give back and impart knowledge to our students,” said Mayor Johnson. “Daymond’s story shows that entrepreneurship and building a platform from the ground up is something that’s attainable for all of Chicago’s children.”

“Little Daymond Learns to Earn,” published in March 2023, details how a group of kids, much like Mr. John’s childhood friends who went on to create FUBU with him, got together and came up with a plan to make money to buy a music poster. The book is meant to establish a foundation surrounding early literacy, while also teaching young children the value of entrepreneurship.

Mr. John has been an advocate for pursuing financial literacy for as long as he’s been in business, and he’s looking to help parents start those financial discussions with their kids at an earlier age. From a childhood in Hollis, Queens with a mother who worked hard to instill a basic business knowledge within him to a position as a Shark investing in small businesses, he knows better than anyone how crucial an understanding of money is to achieving success and financial freedom. This book was written to empower the next generation.

“We are excited and full of gratitude to receive this generous book donation to our schools, and Chicago Public Library branches throughout the city,” said CPS CEO Pedro Martinez. “Through Mr. John’s words, our students will have access to real time business acumen, building and maintaining relationships, and having respect for others.”

CPL Commissioner Chris Brown echoed CEO Martinez’s sentiments regarding the values Chicago’s young students will learn by reading John’s book.

“I want to thank Mr. John for inspiring our city’s children with a book that will be available across Chicago Public Library branches.  Learning entrepreneurship at a young age is beneficial to all,” said Commissioner Brown. “Through Mr. John’s contribution, our students will have access to direct knowledge shared in the international business community.”

More information about the CPS Curriculum, Instruction, and Digital Learning programs is available on the District’s website.

FUBU Co-Creator Daymond John Donates Books to CPS and CPL


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