Fioretti: State’s Attorney Not Following Law



Fioretti: State’s Attorney Not Following Law (Cook County, IL) — Republican candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney, Bob Fioretti, said that the current administration at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is not following the laws designed to keep citizens safe.

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“Awaiting trial for two felonies committed at different times, seven-time felons on parole arrested for new felonies, so called AWOL’s who cut off their ankle bracelets who don’t show up for court and caught committing felonies – all released back onto our streets to terrorize our hard working, tax paying citizens again and again. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office is not doing their job. The State’s Attorney’s office is there to protect the Citizens of the County, not the Agenda of globalists and far left reactionaries,” said Bob Fioretti, during an interview on Monday. “Although grossly under-reported by main stream media, several internet-based watchdogs are doing a superb job of exposing the fact that Assistant State’s Attorneys and judges are erring on the side of letting criminals walk free. The provisions of law that allow for these recidivists and multiple felon offenders, even class X offenders, to be removed from the streets and keep us all safe should be followed,” he continued.

When asked what he would do differently, Fioretti responded: “I have already outlined five critical steps I would take after being elected.” He outlined them as follows:

  1. I will go down to 26th and California, and each of the prosecuting venues in the County and tell the employed lawyers that they either start prosecuting criminals, cooperating with the police to bring charges, or turn in their resignation.
  2. I will head out to the community and meet with the people. I will assure the victims of all these heinous crimes that help is on the way to both find and prosecute the those responsible, as well as find assistance for the victims, and the families of victims who have suffered under the tyranny of these past administrations.
  3. I will extend an offer to any former Cook County Assistant Prosecutor who left in frustration, and offer to reinstate them at their grade and level, as if they had not left. This will bring back experienced attorneys who know the system, and know how to prosecute criminals, not kids fresh out of school, who are marching to the tune of an extreme social agenda.
  4. I will visit police stations throughout the County and look at the officers in the eye. I will promise them “I have your back”. Bring in the crooks and I will bring the charges.
  5. I will remind all of our citizens that while Public Safety is a priority, the Cook County State’s Attorney has the ability and the duty to bring cases against corruption and white-collar crime, both political and private.

“The cycle must be broken and the rule of law must be reestablished at all levels of our society. We can not balance the Cook County budget by emptying the jail. Enough is enough,” said Fioretti.

Fioretti: State’s Attorney Not Following Law


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