Facebook partners with PUSH to provide 1,000 scholarships to help students become certified digital producers

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Facebook partners with PUSH to provide 1,000 scholarships to help students become certified digital producers (Chicago, IL) – In an effort to help bridge the digital divide, Facebook is giving 1,000 scholarships to the Rainbow PUSH Coalition for students to participate in Facebook’s Elevate certification program, Dr. Joseph Bryant, executive director of the Rainbow PUSH Silicon Valley/Bay area announced Saturday, May 22, 2021.
Dr. Bryant made the announcement during the Rainbow PUSH Coalition weekly broadcast. He said Facebook created a program called Elevate “to empower black and brown entrepreneurs and those who need training and qualifications to strengthen their online presence.
Elevate helps individuals to market, do workshops virtually, live events and make connections with their targeted audiences,” Bryant explained.
“The goal of our partnership is to provide students within the PUSH network particularly our college age students the opportunity for this type of training so they can become certified digital producers.”
Once certified, Dr. Bryant said trainees could work for companies, small minority businesses and different civic organizations. “They would become the digital specialists for those organizations. They will be able to manage different digital and virtual needs to help businesses, organizations and groups.
“It is an opportunity for us to empower young adults as well as offering some of our training to minority businesses and non-profits to improve their ability to function successfully online,” Dr. Bryant explained.
On the distribution of the 1,000 Elevate scholarships, Dr. Bryant said the first wave would be distributed to the Rainbow PUSH regional offices and PUSH Excel students. There will be a second round of scholarship made available to people within the Rainbow PUSH network.
According to Dr. Bryant, a few offering of the Elevate scholarships will be made after all Rainbow PUSH Coalition regional offices and PUSH Excel have been designated.
“We are working with Facebook to prepare the facilitators who will help with the training. That will happen in mid-June and the classes will begin at the end of June,” Bryant said.
The Elevate training and certification program will last for eight-weeks concluding with a graduation with PUSH Excel’s participation around the beginning of September.
According to Dr. Bryant, the training will allow applicants to learn the skills and have the opportunity to share with Facebook’s resources, which is key in promoting small businesses and organizations.
“Facebook has taken the initiative to help bridge the digital divide by helping people of color for not only job readiness but to improve the quality services for minority businesses and community groups. This program and partnership are game changers,” Bryant said.
The Facebook Elevate program will provide digital skills for students that will open doors of opportunity into their future and a chance to see jobs and other types of opportunities for their personal growth.
“Facebook is ensuring that your resume will be bolstered, your LinkedIn page is going to look better, your skill set is going to another level and you can feel a sense of pride because of what you have accomplished,” Bryant said.
He said through the Rainbow PUSH Coalition office, through the Silicon Valley work, known as PUSHTECH, and through PUSH Excel under the leadership of Rev. Janette Wilson, “We are all going to engage you with these 1,000 scholarships to allow you to the privilege of being a certified digital producer.”
“We are very excited to see the Rainbow PUSH family take advantage of the scholarship so that all of our work collectively can benefit as well as those we serve,” Pastor Bryant said.
These scholarships will also allow recipients to take the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Exam at no cost.
Facebook has also committed to a “train the trainer” series with appropriate PUSH staff, PUSH Excel leadership and a PUSH Education Initiative Team for resources to be implemented in various programs.
Facebook partners with PUSH to provide 1,000 scholarships to help students become certified digital producers

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