Dr. Angel White Talks with The Southland Journal

Dr. Angel White Talks With The Southland Journal
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Dr. Angel White Talks with The Southland Journal (Chicago, IL)— Dr. Angel White is a doctoral-prepared, board-certified nurse practitioner. She gives back to her community. Through her over 15 years of experience, White has worked in a variety of settings, including home healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care and urgent care.

White’s passion for helping others started at a young age. She was affectionately called mama by her peers because she would care for others physically, mentally, and even financially with extra lunch money.

“I was always looking after people and helping,” said White.

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A & S Divine Healthcare

Shadae Booker-Shelton, another medical professional and White’s friend for over 20 years, shared the same passion for others. After working in the medical industry for a while, they both wanted to change how service was implemented for the community. In 2018, they established A & S Divine Healthcare.

According to the website, A & S Divine Healthcare’s mission is to provide the highest level of quality care to the patients, families, and communities they serve. The goal is to transform the way healthcare is delivered by eliminating barriers to access, reducing health disparities, and decreasing healthcare costs.

The services offered are direct primary care, urgent care, health promotion and disease prevention, physicals, in-office testing, weight management, obesity counseling, IV hydration and vitamin therapy and telemedicine.

White specializes in primary care and obesity. One issue she feels is important is the obesity pandemic. Obesity causes health complications, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other issues.

She believes a lack of education about health is one of the primary causes of obesity, so she educates as she treats patients.

White wants to differentiate the way healthcare services are delivered.

Angel’s Helping Hands

As a mentor for over 10 years, White knew her calling was to help people, especially young women.

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“I am always lending a hand and extending a hand to help others,” said White.

White is the Founder and President of Angel’s Helping Hands, a nonprofit she started in January 2021. As stated on the website, the 501c3 nonprofit organization is a mentorship program designed for young teen girls aged 13 to 18 to help guide, support, and inspire them with educational endeavors, personal and professional development, and career advancement.

“I feel those are the most critical ages where girls go through a lot of hormonal changes. They are really trying to find themselves and they experience a lot of peer pressure and mixed emotions. I geared it towards this age group because that where I felt it would be the most impactful,” said White.

The participants have benefited from college tours, educational events and activities, career speakers and more. White wants the girls to be the best version of themselves.

One rewarding experience for White is seeing the growth of the girls. Through enrichment activities, they have eliminated or managed depression and anxiety.

Angel’s Helping Hands will be closing out its first year with a graduation ceremony on April 2.

White’s advice to young women is to have self-affirmations to strengthen the mind. She believes positive thoughts equate to powerful outcomes.

“I always tell my girls anything is possible. Anything you put your mind to, you can do,” said White.

To schedule an appoint at A & S Divine Healthcare, visit https://asdivinehealthcare.com/

To learn more about Angel’s Helping Hands, visit https://angelshelpinghands.org/

Dr. Angel White Talks with The Southland Journal


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