D’Arcy Releases Goals for Improving Joliet

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D’Arcy Releases Goals for Improving Joliet (Joliet, IL) — Mayoral candidate Terry D’Arcy announced his goals for improving Joliet if voters choose him to lead the city in the upcoming election on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

D’Arcy is a successful business owner and president of D’Arcy Automobiles.  He is a former member of the Illinois Tollway Board and past President of the Chicago Auto Trade Association.  Terry has served on the boards of numerous charitable and community organizations and is widely recognized as a philanthropist for his charitable donations, and gifts of his time and talent.  In 2022, D’Arcy was awarded Citizen of the Year by the Will-Grundy Counties Central Trades and Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

“I’ve been a part of this community for over 30 years and I’m a fifth generation Joliet guy. I was born at St. Joe’s Hospital, graduated from Plainfield High School and reside here with my wife Sue,” stated D’Arcy.  “I love Joliet, plain and simple. We can’t wait for the future; we need to create it.”

D’Arcy explained residents have repeatedly asked for city leadership to make improvements as he talks to residents throughout Joliet. “Residents feel frustrated and, in some cases, ignored when it comes to how the city is run and how and where resources are allocated. City leadership needs to do a better job of listening to our residents and restoring pride back in our city,” stated D’Arcy.

D’Arcy proposes three goals for improving Joliet if elected: *(full outline attached)

  • Improve our quality of life.
  • Improve how resources are allocated.
  • Improve how our city is viewed.

D’Arcy Releases Goals for Improving Joliet

“Change begins with new leadership,” according to D’Arcy.  “It begins with having a vision and a plan.” He quotes the renowned architect Daniel Burnham who championed the rebuilding of Chicago after the great fire and was also the architect of the Joliet Public Library.  Burnham said, “to love one’s city, and have a part in its advancement and improvement, is the highest privilege and duty of a citizen.” Terry D’Arcy couldn’t agree more and lives by the motto in running his own business ventures.

“I plan to run the city like I run my business but keeping in mind the impact decisions made have on our people and in the region. I will utilize our city employees, the most valuable untapped asset we have, to turn things around.  I have vast experience in turning around things that are underperforming and making them successful. I also understand finances and getting big projects completed. My lifetime of experience has prepared me for the role of mayor. Now it is up to the voters to choose which person will lead our city,” D’Arcy stated.

D’Arcy Releases Goals for Improving Joliet


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