CTA Celebrates Second Chance Program Honorees

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CTA Celebrates Second Chance Program Honorees (Chicago, IL) — The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) today celebrated participants in the agency’s nationally recognized Second Chance Program during National Second Chance Month. The CTA has one of the largest programs of its kind in the country and in its 16th year is a strong model for preparing people who are returning residents and others with barriers to employment re-enter the workforce.

“The Second Chance Program helps many individuals rebuild their lives and learn the fundamental skills that can lead to solid careers in public transit and other industries, while helping them and their families financially,” CTA President Dorval R. Carter said. “In turn, this program benefits the entire community by not turning our backs on people who’ve paid for their mistakes.”

President Carter commended seven Second Chance Program Hall of Fame honorees. The honorees in attendance went through the program and are current CTA employees who have excelled in the agency and earned at least one promotion. Several of the honorees have earned more than one promotion.

Since 2011, more than 2,200 individuals, many of whom were justice-system involved, have participated in CTA’s Second Chance Program and more than 550 have been hired for full or part-time jobs at CTA.

The honorees include:

  • Jakeshia Beals – Manager, Maintenance – Rail
  • Tara Peters – Manager, Rail Car Appearance
  • Morgan Thomas – Manager, Second Chance Program
  • Jeanette Grigsby – Manager, Maintenance – Bus
  • Derrick Terry – Coordinator, Bus Maintenance
  • Tyhesha Richards – Manager, Administration– Rail Station Management
  • Jerry Brown – Project Specialist II, Rail Operations

The CTA Second Chance Program has many program benefits including: 40 work hours per week for at least one-year ($15.80 hourly rate); paid training to obtain a Commercial Driver’s Learner Permit; professional development opportunities; workshops and assistance to apply for permanent CTA positions; plus, free access to transit on CTA, Metra and Pace.

Those interested in participating in the Second Chance Program are encouraged to complete the online survey available at, www.transitchicago.com/secondchance. Those who qualify, will be notified by CTA of next steps. The CTA Second Chance Program offers more than 300 positions and has rolling admissions year-round.

CTA Celebrates Second Chance Program Honorees


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