Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart seeks reelection

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart seeks reelection


Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart seeks reelection (Cook County, IL) – Current Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced his reelection bid today. In a social media post, Sheriff Dart stated, “With the significant increase in concerns over public safety and violence in the Chicago region, now is not the time for those of us with crucial experience and a proven track record to walk away. That’s why I’m running again for Cook County Sheriff.”

The Sheriff’s Office is broken down into several different departments: the police department, department of corrections, criminal intelligence unit, jail diversion/crime prevention, department of women’s justice services, court services, and the office of professional review. The entire sheriff’s office employs up to 6,900 people and is considered the second-largest sheriff’s department in America.

Dart has served in Illinois since the beginning of his professional career, first as an Illinois prosecutor in Cook County. He also served as Illinois State Senator for the 14th District from 1991 to 1993, then in the Illinois House of Representatives for the 28th District from 1993 to 2003. Dart has served as Cook County Sheriff since 2006. Winning his reelection bid would give him his 5th term in office. Dart holds a JD from Loyola University Chicago.

Throughout his tenure as Cook County Sheriff, Dart has made strides in mental health awareness and treatment, recidivism, and sex trafficking. TIME Magazine named Dart as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2009.

In his statement, Dart continued by saying, “We’ve accomplished a tremendous amount with the time you, as voters, have chosen to give me – ensuring the jail is a safer place for staff and those ordered to custody, addressing mental illness with effective programming, being responsible with taxpayer money, and bridging the gap between the community and hardworking police officers.

“I can tell you that the new challenges we face are very real. Cook County needs someone who knows how to face these new issues in public safety and who is capable of working to make every community in the county safer.”

Also running for Cook County Sheriff in the Democratic Primaries are Carmen Navarro-Gercone and Latonya Ruffin, who have both previously worked for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. Navarro-Gercone currently works for the Cook County Circuit Court.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart seeks reelection


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  1. Tom dart had years to demonstrate leadership within the department and allow cook county citizens to have a voice. But that voice of the families, immates and familes of inmates and residents over years of his term in each succession was met with lost whispers of a audio of backward talks, memory lapses in his grasp of Real understanding of leadership and fortitude of the pulse of cook county citizens and their voices. And we all know too well,when election kickoff seasons starts,the backroom tactics of smiles that were not there in those years and agreed communications all around have bren pitched up agsun as a flag for the people, but how many times do you allow failures in that office and the cook county residents to stand by again when the only game is to let the backroom win and the ones who elected you over and over remain to a deaf ear that now is waving a It’s me again flag…..NO MORE!!! As mortal combat game echoes (FINISH HIM!!!!) IF You want a true person who has professionalism and respect as a voice for cook county citizens and for the ones who never get a seat at the table…ELECT CARMEN GERCONE FOR SHERIFF.. You will have that table seat.

  2. Tom Dart has spent his whole public service career being a voice for the forgotten. From his advocacy in Springfield fighting to reform the broken system of DCFS to his focus on improving the lives of those with mental illness and their families. When corporate greed threatened to evict thousands of people who were playing by the rules, through no fault of their own Tom stood up for them. He halted unlawful evictions and changed the law in Illinois to protect them. As a state legislator he authored the Sex Offender Registration Act and as Sheriff he updated the law to pursue criminals who prey on vulnerable children online and on the street. He has earned my vote again and again. He is the only one with the experience and heart to do this difficult job and keep making the office work for ALL the people of Cook County.