Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Candidate Receives Coveted Endorsement


Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Candidate Receives Coveted Endorsement (Chicago, IL) — The candidacy of circuit court clerk challenger, Mariyana Spyropoulos, got the coveted endorsement of civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. The founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition said he was pleased to endorse Spyropoulos for her steadfast commitment to justice, transparency and community empowerment.

Jackson is familiar with Spyropoulos in her role as commissioner on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. The daughter of immigrants, who grew up on Chicago’s South Side, has served on the board since 2010. She was president from 2015 to 2019. Spyropoulos is a lawyer and worked in the Cook County state’s attorney’s office before starting her private practice.

Although, Jackson recently stepped down from leading the organization he founded, the legendary figure is still very involved in local, national and world politics.

“Mariyana’s comprehensive plan to combat corruption and misconduct, coupled with her principled stance against campaign contributions from office employees, underscores her unwavering commitment to ethical governance,” Jackson stated in a written letter. “Her proposals to streamline the filing fee structure and enhance staff training demonstrate a clear dedication to improving access to justice for Cook County residents.”

The commissioner said she is honored to receive Jackson’s endorsement for her candidacy to be the next circuit court clerk.

“Rev. Jackson has worked for justice and transparency in the court system for years. His endorsement shows the confidence he has in my campaign promise to treat all residents with respect and to ensure everyone is treated equally regardless of their backgrounds,” said Spyropoulos.

Cook County has the largest unified court system in the nation.

Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Candidate Receives Coveted Endorsement


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