Chicagoans, Rep. García, Rep. Ramirez call for Green New Deal

Chicagoans, Rep. García, Rep. Ramirez call for Green New Deal


Chicagoans, Rep. García, Rep. Ramirez call for Green New Deal (Chicago, IL) — Chicagoans crowded into the library of Little Village Lawndale High School on Saturday to create protest art, enjoy a ballet folklorico performance, eat churros, and call for a Green New Deal for Chicago and all communities in the United States. The event, which was the second stop on the national Green New Deal for the People tour, was hosted by Green New Deal Network, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), the Illinois Green New Deal Coalition, Sunrise Chicago, Gen Z for Change, and Grassroots Collaborative. Speakers at the tour stop included Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García, Congresswoman Delia Ramirez, Chicago Chief Sustainability Officer Angela Tovar, State Rep. Edgar González Jr., and representatives from organizations fighting for working people in Chicago including CTU, Grassroots Collaborative, People for Community Recovery, United Working Families, and Sunrise Chicago.

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“Everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to work, live, play, and learn, and we need transformative change on a massive scale to take on the climate crisis,” said Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García. “I was proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal when I was elected to Congress in 2019. And I am proud to be part of this growing intergenerational, multiracial, multilingual coalition of young people, union leaders, community advocates, and elected officials fighting for a Green New Deal. The reality is that band-aid solutions are not enough. We need major preventative investments. The Green New Deal is that investment that we need.”

“Healthy, safe, and sustainable communities are possible. Everyone in Illinois and our nation deserves a future where they can thrive without the fear and effects of a climate crisis. The Green New Deal is a framework of hope that can get us to the renewable future our communities yearn for with safe housing, clean air and water, living wage jobs, and a transformative economy,” said Congresswoman Delia Ramirez. “I am proud to join advocates, grassroots movements, elected officials, and my colleagues from Congress fighting for bold investments and a holistic agenda to protect our collective future.”

The Green New Deal for the People’ tour kicked off in Michigan earlier this month and will make stops in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri, California, Minnesota and Massachusetts, bringing together climate, care, labor, and racial justice activists, elected officials, and community members to call on President Biden and Congress to fight for a Green New Deal that invests  $1 trillion of federal investments each year through 2030 in environmental justice, greening school infrastructure, cleaning up pollution, investing in public transit and social housing, and creating green new union jobs.

“The Green New Deal for the People tour is about showing the strength and unity of our movement and inspiring new leaders to join us in our vision of a better world,” said Kaniela Ing, National Director of the Green New Deal Network. “We are building the foundation for climate advocates, union members, anti-racists, and people everywhere to stand together against corporate polluters and their elected enablers.”

Chicago tour stop attendees demanded a full Green New Deal at the local, state, and federal levels, including building green social housing in Chicago, $1 trillion of yearly federal spending on climate, care, jobs, and justice which includes equity, labor, and climate standards, and that President Biden take sweeping executive actions to combat the climate crisis. Attendees also spotlighted demands specific to a Green New Deal for Chicago Public Schools, including renovated green facilities, free, healthy lunches at Chicago public schools, electric school buses, including climate and environmental justice in curricula, and pathways to green jobs. Activists celebrated victories including the reinstatement of the Department of Environment through Mayor Johnson’s budget passed this week and the passage of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) to phase out carbon emissions and create thousands of clean energy jobs.

Chicagoans, Rep. García, Rep. Ramirez call for Green New Deal


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  1. I don’t know what to say but that photo is very representative of what is wrong with the Democrat party. Communist symbolism and blind demands to imagined solutions.