Chicago GOP: Democrats in Springfield Have Failed Chicago Schoolchildren

Chicago GOP: Democrats in Springfield Have Failed Chicago Schoolchildren 


Chicago GOP: Democrats in Springfield Have Failed Chicago Schoolchildren (Chicago, IL) – The Chicago Republican Party expressed outrage that the Democratic majority in the General Assembly has pushed the deadline for a Chicago School Bill to April 2024, while failing to renew school choice in the Invest in Kids Act.

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“We don’t have district boundaries, we don’t know if the City Council will have any role in filling School Board vacancies, we don’t even know the deadlines for candidates to file or the voting procedures,” stated Chicago GOP Chair Steve Boulton. “Previous statements in support of campaign spending caps was obviously just talk,” he added.

“Springfield Democrats kicked the can on the elected Chicago School Board bill to play politics. On top of that, they are killing off school choice at the demand of the Chicago Teachers Union by refusing to renew the Invest in Kids Act, which has served more than 40,000 Illinois students since the program’s kickoff in 2018, allowing children to escape any failing public school district in Illinois and permitting parents to choose their child’s education.”

Gerrymandered Maps

While the delay allows reconsideration of the two gerrymandered drafts of a School Board District map offered by the Democrats, Boulton emphasized the delay that has occurred.

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“They were asleep at the switch for over a year,” Boulton asserted. “They only got going on the map and crafting a bill when Republican legislators started asking questions in February at the request of the Chicago GOP. They played false with neighborhood groups by allowing the public to submit maps when the Democrats knew there would be a gerrymandered map and a bad bill.”

The Chicago Republican Party contends that huge reform of education in Chicago, along with a much greater emphasis on promoting economic prosperity, are the best routes to restore the city to its former glory.

“The signal sent by the Democrats is unmistakable. Education in Chicago is a prisoner of Democrat internal politics and the radical plans of the CTU leadership. The Chicago GOP will continue to support the parents and children,” Boulton stated.

Chicago GOP: Democrats in Springfield Have Failed Chicago Schoolchildren 

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