Bulls Take Another Loss at Home

Bulls Take Another Loss at Home
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Bulls Take Another Loss at Home (Chicago, IL) — After the Bulls’ tough loss in Chicago yesterday, they were ready to face the Suns at the United Center. The Bulls were feeling good at the rim in the 1st quarter, making 4 out of 6 shots at the rim. The Bulls were also bringing the heat at the 3-point line, making 4 out 9 shots from outside the arc. The Bulls, however, did struggle to stop the Suns’ defense. The Suns scored 36 points while the Bulls scored 29. In the 2nd quarter, the Bulls seemed to slow down their pace and opportunities for open shots decreased. The Bulls made 4 out 9 shots in the paint along with only making 1 out of 7 mid-range shots. The Bulls spent a considerable amount of time inside the arc and didn’t shoot many 3-pointers. Zach LaVine made the only 2 out of 5 three-pointers for the Bulls in the 2nd quarter. The Bulls struggled in the 2nd and the Suns took advantage by scoring 31 points, while the Bulls scored 20 points. By the half, the Bulls trailed the Suns 67 – 49.

At the Half

The Bulls were able to gain some more traction in the 3rd quarter by finding gaps in the Suns’ defense. The Bulls made it to the rim far better than in the 1st half of the game. The Bulls made 2 out of 7 shots outside the arc and made 3 out of 7 mid-range shots. The Suns were extremely relentless and refused to back down, scoring 35 points in the 3rd quarter while the Bulls scored 34 points.Going into the final quarter, the Bulls still trailed the Suns with the score at 102 – 83. In the 4th quarter, the Bulls still had hope for this game and went out with speed as their tool. The Bulls made it to the rim more times in the 4th than any other quarter and were extremely successful from close range. The Bulls also hit 2 out of 4 mid-range shots along. Malcolm Hill hit 2 out of the Bulls 5 three-point shots. The Bulls put up an incredible fight, scoring 41 points in the 4th while holding the Suns to 25 points. The Suns were able to outlast the Bulls with the final score at 127 – 124 Suns.

Game Leaders

Game leaders were DeMar DeRozan with 38 points, along with Zach LaVine, who handed out 8 assists. Nikola Vucevic was able to snag 12 rebounds, while Javonte Green got 1 block. The Bulls made 47.8% of their collective shots and 38.5% of every 3-point shot.

Up Next

The Bulls will travel to Charlotte Wednesday (2/9/2022) to face the Hornets at 6:30pm CST.

Bulls Take Another Loss at Home


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