Black Businesses Want No-Bid Contracts From Will County Government Too

Black Businesses Want No-Bid Contracts From Will County Government Too


Black Businesses Want No-Bid Contracts From Will County Government Too (Tinley Park, IL) – At a recent meeting of the Landfill committee of the Will County Board, the issue of no-bid contracts came up. The meeting, which was held under controversy as Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant did not approve of it, brought to light several issues with how the county was handling contracts with their landfill. It was alleged that County Executive Bertino-Tarrant instructed the State’s Attorney and other county officials to not attend the meeting.

The Chairman of the newly formed committee, 7th District Will County Board Member Stephen J. Balich, was not happy that the States Attorney did not attend the meeting. Balich spoke about many issues with the landfill. The biggest issue was a lack of transparency.

Dr. Cornel Darden Jr., Chairman of the Southland Black Chamber of Commerce was in attendance. The Southland Black Chamber has consistently pressed the Will County Board for contracts for Black Businesses.

“I know the Chairman doesn’t like no-bid contracts, but we do,” said Dr. Cornel Darden Jr. “I have a few Chamber members that would love a no-bid contract. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can get some of my guys some no-bid contracts too?”


The comments by Dr. Cornel Darden Jr. were met with laughter. However, Dr. Darden was serious about correcting the ongoing discrimination in Will County.

“We’ve been dealing with this for decades. It’s time for it to end. Where are our no-bid contracts? Will County still doesn’t have any goals on their contracts. Will County still hasn’t put a disparity study in place.”

Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant Refuses to Join the Black Chamber

Will County had a diversity committee set up a couple years ago. At a meeting of the Will County Board in 2021, Dr. Darden addressed the board and the fact that the County isn’t a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce. FOIA records obtained by the Southland Journal showed that well over $100,000 were spent on “white” chambers of commerce or “traditional” chambers over the previous years. Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant stated publicly that she will put a moratorium on all payments to chambers of commerce after refusing to join the Black Chamber.


Black Businesses Want No-Bid Contracts From Will County Government Too

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  1. No bid contracts foster corruption and sub-standard results. Accepted bids winners should never be based on the color of one’s skin.