Black Business Organization Endorses O’Neill Burke in State’s Attorney Primary Race

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Black Business Organization Endorses O’Neill Burke in State’s Attorney Primary Race (Chicago, IL) —The Southland Black Chamber of Commerce has endorsed former Illinois Supreme Court Justice Eileen O’Neill Burke in the upcoming Democratic Primary Election.

“We are proud to endorse Justice Eileen O’Neill Burke for Cook County State’s Attorney in the upcoming Democratic Primary Election,” said board Chairman Dr. Cornel Darden Jr. “Our board firmly believes that Justice O’Neill Burke’s experience in the judiciary and thoughtful approach to solving the rampant crime that has been plaguing our communities here in Cook County will help us become a safer county that is business-friendly. Time and time again, we have been approached by small business owners who are one break-in away from losing their livelihood. We know that this needs to change, and with the plethora of experience that Justice O’Neill Burke brings to the table, we are confident that Cook County will soon be on the right track to save lives and save livelihoods.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southland Black Chamber has been deeply concerned with the high number of retail thefts, burglaries, and violent crime in the streets of Cook County. Although the need for criminal justice reform is great, the chamber also believes that certain current practices are allowing for the crime to flourish rather than addressing the needs of the community, which result in the high crime rates that are seen today.

“Businesses are fleeing the county, and state, at alarming rates,” said Darden. “We need to see a holistic approach that encompasses the needed reform we badly need while still ensuring the safety of citizens and businesses alike. Accountability is necessary. Without that, crime goes unchecked and our businesses lose.”

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Currently, retail thefts under one thousand dollars are not being prosecuted.

“For some businesses, a retail theft can mean the difference between making payroll or shutting down.” stated Darden. The current system is just not working to protect the rights of law-abiding business owners, citizens, and taxpayers. We need a leader in office who will ensure everyone’s rights are equally protected under the law, and we believe that Justice O’Neill Burke is up for the task.”

Black Business Organization Endorses O’Neill Burke in State’s Attorney Primary Race


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  1. Unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways. Criminal behaviors of both individuals and groups must be dealt with accordingly. That involves arresting perpetrators. Some will learn from minor offenses, but the majority who commit larger, more vile acts do not learn and become repeat offenders. How do you stop the latter? Long-term prison sentences. It is the only way to maintain safety and peace.

    The purpose of the so-called justice system is to ensure that the VICTIMS of crimes receive justice, NOT the CRIMINALS. Illinois politicians, particularly Democrats, have worked in unison to turn this state into a haven for the criminally deranged. They received their Marxist orders from their higher-ups, and have worked hard to turn the state upside down. The compensation for the devil-worshipping socialists must have been worth it. It is all part of a larger agenda.

    The good citizens are tired of this circus and continue to leave in droves. People want the laws that were already on the books to be followed, not the unsafe SAFE-T Act, which has further made the state the laughing stock of the nation.

    The only reform that is needed is the one that starts in the home. It is a systemic problematic cultural byproduct of poor parenting and lack of consequences. And as for the legal system? No reform is needed.