Barry Mixon Awarded Teacher of the Year

Barry Mixon Awarded 2021 Global/Congressional Teacher of the Year Award


Barry Mixon Awarded 2021 Global/Congressional Teacher of the Year Award (Chicago, IL) — Barry B. Mixon, Gemmologist/ Gemmological Story teller and founder of the “Gem Hunter” Gemmological Appraisals and Storytelling Services, was recently recognized at American Multi Ethnic Coalition’s / Dr. VGP’s 11th Annual Congressional Global Community Oscars Gala sponsored by U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis 7th Congressional District- Illinois.  Mr. Mixon was awarded the 2021 Global/ Congressional Teacher of the Year Award. Barry is a native of Harlem, New York. He is a fourteen year U.S Marine Corps Aviator. Currently, Mr. Mixon is an International Science Educator, Author and TV Host; he has earned numerous degrees, diplomas and certifications in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Gemology. He has co-authored three Scientific Publications with the National Institute of Health and was a Distinguished Lead Science Teacher for the Chicago Public School System. In 2020, Mr. Mixon was the recipient of the Chicago Defender Men of Excellence Award as was deemed the distinction of “Class President”.

Barry B. Mixon was nominated by Shanina M. Thomas, Professor of African American Studies and History Olive-Harvey and Harold Washington Colleges/ City Colleges of Chicago.

Professor Thomas noted in the following in her nomination letter: “The harsh realities of a Global Pandemic, Climate Change and the critic lack of “inspiration” science education, left Mr. Mixon no choice, but to combine his education, skills, talents and exciting adventures and become a “Gemmological Storyteller”. The mission of the “Gem Hunter Gemmological Appraisals and Storytelling Services” is to take the Art, Science, History, Magic of Gemstones and Precious metals, and use them as an “Inception Point” to empower people to” Discover the Value of their Own Stories”. Mr. Mixon embodies of all the qualities of what it means to be a “symbol” of Excellence and a Man of Distinction. He has the gift to transform lives and reawakening the consciousness of individuals whom he come in contact with on a daily basis!


The American Multi Ethnic Coalition Inc. (AMEC) is a bipartisan Community grassroot Level Organization to empower multi ethnic communities through social, cultural, educational, educational, health, economic & developmental initiatives.  AMEC was established in 2016 under the leadership of Vijay Prabhakar along with the Multi- Ethnic Advisory Taskforce (MEATF) with the blessing of Congressman Danny K. Davis. The MEATF is a thinktank and an advocacy group that also addresses the issues that affect the different ethnic communities including but not limited to Voter Registration, Immigration, Racial Profiling- Asian American Violence and Employment Opportunities.

The Community Oscar Gala was held at the Yellow Box in Naperville, Illinois on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

Barry Mixon Awarded 2021 Global/Congressional Teacher of the Year Award

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