Bally’s Receives RG Check Accreditation for Responsible Gaming, Launches Initiatives in Windy City

Bally's Receives RG Check Accreditation for Responsible Gaming, Launches Initiatives in Windy City
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Bally’s Receives RG Check Accreditation for Responsible Gaming, Launches Initiatives in Windy City (Chicago, IL) — Bally’s Corporation has earned the prestigious RG Check accreditation from the Responsible Gambling Council, and launched responsible gaming initiatives in Chicago in partnership with the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling and the Midwest Asian Health Association.

RG Check is the world’s most comprehensive gambling accreditation program, developed in consultation with policymakers, gambling providers, players and people who have experienced gambling harm. It is also backed by rigorous safeguards that protect players and foster a sustainable player base. Bally’s RG Check accreditation, which was earned for its and online platforms, is valid for three years.

“An RG Check accreditation means Bally’s Corporation has achieved the highest standards for their commitment to Responsible Gambling practices,” said Responsible Gambling Council CEO Shelley White.

Demonstrating its commitment to responsible gaming in the Windy City, Bally’s Chicago Casino announces the launch of new initiatives aimed at fostering a safe and responsible gaming environment for its players.

“As pioneers in Chicago’s gaming landscape, we understand the significance of our role in setting the standard for promoting responsible gaming practices and supporting our diverse community in ways that resonate with many groups, especially those who are typically overlooked by these types of initiatives.” said Mark Wong, Vice President & General Manager.

Notably, Bally’s Chicago is the first and only casino in Illinois to work directly with a local Health and Human Services community partner, in this case the Midwest Asian Health Association (MAHA), to translate its problem gaming awareness resources into simplified Chinese. The brochures will be made available to casinos across the state, are available at Bally’s Casino and will be distributed by MAHA within Chicago’s Asian community.

“This collaboration aims to increase the awareness of responsible gaming and develop culturally tailored resources to help empower individuals to make informed choices and seek help when needed”, said Hong Liu, Ph.D., MAHA Executive Director. “MAHA and Bally’s Casino joint effort reflects a shared commitment to promote assistance resources for personal and mental health and responsible gambling assistance within Chicago’s diverse Asian communities.”

In addition, Bally’s Chicago proudly supported the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling’s (ICPG) 2024 Diversity in Problem Gambling series, which aimed to highlight diversity in problem gambling treatment and provide better access to resources by partnering with treatment and advocacy organizations focused on the African American, Asian, and Latinx communities.

“The Illinois Council on Problem Gambling understands that certain groups within the State of Illinois are disproportionately impacted by problem gambling,” said David Wohl, Executive Director, ICPG. “With the support and assistance of local organizations and gaming operators such as Bally’s Chicago, we hope to improve community engagement within these subpopulations in order to bolster prevention and treatment efforts.”

Tammi Barlow, Vice President of Global Responsible Gaming for Bally’s Corporation, and Monica Scott, Executive Director of Marketing for Bally’s Chicago Casino, participated in the African American/Black Conference on Problem Gambling in Chicago, the first workshop in the ICPG’s annual diversity in problem gambling series.

“Responsible gaming is woven throughout Bally’s business strategy, and the well-being of our guests is paramount as fostering a safe and responsible gaming environment for all,” Barlow said. “Being able to work alongside our Chicago casino team to strengthen the efforts of our local community organizations dedicated to problem gambling resources, is something that we are all proud of.”

Bally’s Chicago Casino responsible gaming initiatives align with those of the global enterprise strategy on responsible gaming and include an extensive annual team member training program, player education and awareness campaigns, translating resources into additional languages, participation in problem gambling events, and financial contributions over $1 million to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG).

  • Comprehensive Staff Training: Training programs inform Bally’s global team members to recognize and address signs of problem gambling, ensuring a supportive environment for players in need. This includes mandatory annual Responsible Gaming e-learning training, supplemented by awareness communications and signage with QR codes.
  • Innovative Digital Initiatives: Prominent, onsite advertisements and direct links to Responsible Gambling Tools on the casino’s Responsible Gaming and landing pages enhance player education and awareness.
  • Financial Support: Bally’s Corporation’s generous donations exceeding $1 million to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) over the last two years and $25,000 to the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling demonstrated Bally’s dedication to supporting initiatives aimed at combating problem gaming. The donation to the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling will directly support its Diversity in Problem Gambling training and education series.
  • Problem Gaming Awareness Month Initiatives: Throughout the month of March, the Problem Gaming Awareness Month (PGAM) initiative was shared on screens throughout all properties, reaffirming Bally’s commitment to responsible gambling and supporting players in making informed choices. A local print ad campaign shared a PGAM message. Bally’s LinkedIn platform actively shared PGAM responsible gaming messages.

“We take problem gambling very seriously at Bally’s. While the gaming industry is thrilling, we recognize its complexities and have proactively implemented measures to assist problem gambling,” Wong said. “We empathize with those who struggle with addiction and aim to do all that we can.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call or text the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER or visit Help is available 24/7/365 – it is free and confidential. For more information about problem gambling and how to increase awareness of problem gambling, visit The National Council for Gambling Problems and Bally’s Responsible Gaming Section.

Bally’s Receives RG Check Accreditation for Responsible Gaming, Launches Initiatives in Windy City


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