Balkema for Senate Releases Poll Results; Calls Out Opponent’s DUI Record

Balkema for Senate Releases Poll Results; Calls Out Opponent's DUI Record
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Balkema for Senate Releases Poll Results; Calls Out Opponent’s DUI Record (Channahon, IL) — The campaign of Chris Balkema, Republican for State Senate in the 53rd District is releasing poll results summary completed this week by M3 Strategies polling company that found a strong lead for Balkema over his three opponents.

The results in the initial ballot test shows:

Chris Balkema 28%
Jesse Faber 8%
Mike Kirkton 7%
Susan Wynn Bence 5%

Combined initial ballot and undecided voters forced to choose shows:

Balkema 48%
Faber 19%
Kirton 18%
Bence 15%

Most importantly, the poll found the question “If a State Senate candidate had multiple DUIs, would that make you more or less likely to vote for him or her?

John Heiderschedit, Criminal Defense Attorney; Subscription Lawyer; Chicago Lawyer

Much less likely 36%
Less likely 43%
Makes no difference, 18%
More likely 1%
Much more likely 1%

Arrest records show candidate Jesse Faber to have been arrested twice for driving under the influence of alcohol, and one of times he was also ticketed for open carry of alcohol, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, improper lane usage, and improper turn signal.

Relevant portions of the police officer’s report include that he was driving home to Livingston County while under the influence—from Springfield, a relatively long distance to be driving under the influence.

The officer’s report states Faber was “disheveled and astray,” and shockingly says, “during the tow inventory, 3 empty Busch Beer cans in the passenger side child safety seat were located, along with one unopened Busch Beer can as well.”

“Jesse Faber and members of his family have contributed over $90,000 to his campaign to buy a State Senate seat for their troubled family member,” said Balkema campaign manager Steven Shearer. “These arrest records speak for themselves. Our polling shows Chris Balkema 20 points ahead on the initial ballot and 29 points ahead when undecided voters are forced to choose. That is before voters are informed about a candidate having been arrested for two DUIs—that question shows a whopping 79% of voters much less likely or less likely to vote for such a candidate. No amount of money is going to bail out Jesse Faber.”

Balkema for Senate Releases Poll Results; Calls Out Opponent’s DUI Record


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