Bailey Makes a Big Impression at South Side Bud Billiken Parade: VIDEO

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Bailey Makes a Big Impression at South Side Bud Billiken Parade (Chicago, IL) — Downstate Republican Senator Darren Bailey walked in the 2022 Bud Billiken Parade along with several other Republican candidates running for federal, statewide, and other Illinois offices. The senator is currently the Republican nominee facing off against incumbent Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker in the November election.

While marching in the parade, Senator Bailey, tailed by his Jeep Wrangler parade vehicle displaying signs that read, “Fire Pritzker, Hire Bailey,” and walking hand-in-hand with his wife Cindy, spoke with numerous parade-goers about his platform of protecting the freedoms of Illinoisans. Sen. Bailey said, “It’s been an amazing day here on the south side. The weather’s been great. The reception’s been awesome. People are ready for change.” Bailey was all smiles as he walked the parade route and spoke with parade-goers, shaking hands with supporters and talking to children about going back to school.

Many parade attendees were welcoming of the senator. Several people spoke to him, expressing their concerns with the current government. Others just wanted to shake his hand and cheer him on to the November election, promising their support for him. “The time is now,” said a parade attendee who high-fived the senator. “We need things to change here! We keep voting the same people into office and our people here on the south side are still struggling. Nothing is changing!”

The Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic is an annual back-to-school parade held in Chicago. It is known as the largest African-American parade in the US. The parade route travels on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive through the Bronzeville and Washington Park neighborhoods on the city’s south side. The parade concludes at Washington Park, where there is a picnic and festival. The parade is named after a fictional character created by Chicago Defender founder Robert Stengstacke Abbott and benefits the Chicago Defender Charities. According to the Bud Billiken website, the mission of the parade is to “celebrate African-American culture while connecting the community to resources that promote education and empowerment. This mission is built on the rich legacy of the Chicago Defender Newspaper which served as a cultural beacon, chronicling the Black American pursuit of a life enriched by opportunity. The paper played an integral role in the Great Migration as it spread news of northern jobs and opportunity to the south.”


Bailey’s running mate, Stephanie Trussell, spoke fondly of the event and said that she has been attending for years. “Today, it was so amazing to be a participant. It’s a perfect day. The crowds were great. I had so much fun. I am so excited about Darren Bailey and Illinois.” Her mother lives on King Drive and has been attending the parade her whole life.

Among their crew of volunteers and marchers were leadership from the Chicago GOP and several other Republican candidates for office such as Kathy Salvi for US Senate, Tom Devore for Attorney General, Dan Brady for Secretary of State, Thomas Lynch for US House of Representatives, Bob Fioretti for Cook County Board President, Christine McGovern for State Representative, David Sheppard for State Representative, Dr. Kenneth Yerkes for State Representative, Frederick Walls for State Representative, and Lynn Franco for Cook County Board.

Bailey Makes a Big Impression at South Side Bud Billiken Parade



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