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George Brassea


Guest: Aisha Betancourt

Aisha Betancourt discusses the loss of her daughter due to a drug overdose, substance use issues within the City of Chicago Heights and the her activism to raise awareness about substance use disorders.

Guest: Village Clerk Yumeka Brown

Guest: Village Clerk Yumeka Brown — Matteson Village Clerk Yumeka Brown discusses her history of activism in the community, the Matteson casino proposal, running for MWRD commissioner and going in front of the slating committee of the Cook County Democratic Party.

Guest: Dr. Balin Durr

Guest: Dr. Balin Durr — Psychiatrist Dr. Balin Durr discusses her career in medicine, the relationship between spirituality and mental health, and current trends in Psychiatry.

Guest: Jake LaMore

Guest: Jake LaMore - Jake LaMore host of the Kankakee County Podcast talks about knowing George Brassea Senior, his path from punk rock bands to podcasting and the Kankakee Region of Illinois.

Guest: Jeff Ward

Guest: Jeff Ward - Author and political consultant Jeff Ward discusses his book, campaign consulting and what makes a winning candidate.

Guest: Trustee Mike Noonan

Guest: Trustee Mike Noonan - Bloom Township Trustee Mike Noonan discusses his career in politics, the Keep Bloom Strong Party and his work as Bloom Township Trustee.

Guest: Lindsey Paoli MS, MFT Intern, Coach

Guest: Lindsey Paoli MS, MFT Intern, Coach - Lindsey Paoli MS,MFT Intern, Coach discusses her career as a coach, social media and private practice conditions in the State of Nevada.

Guest: Charley Hager & David Miller

Guest: Charley Hager & David Miller - Authors Charley Hager & David Miller discuss. their book Chicago Heights: Little Joe College, the Outfit, and the Fall of Sam Giancana

Guest: Rodrick Grant

Guest: Rodrick Grant - Sauk Village Trustee Rodrick Grant discusses his work as Village Trustee and personal biography.

Guest: Gary Daggett

Guest: Gary Daggett - Village of Flossmoor Trustee Gary Daggett discusses his business, activism and work as Trustee.

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