“African-Americans Don’t Get their Teeth Whitened” Says Mayor Ford of Country Club Hills

Country Club Hills Mayor James Ford
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“African-Americans Don’t Get their Teeth Whitened” Says Mayor Ford of Country Club Hills – Mayor Ford of Country Club Hills has recently come under fire for denying a young black woman a business license in the City of Country Club Hills. Deborah Reeves, owner of Get Bodied by D, applied for a business license with the City over a month ago. Per city ordinance, all business licenses must be approved by the Mayor and the Mayor has full discretion to accept or deny license. The process includes a one on one meeting with the applicant and the Mayor. It has been reported several times by local business owners in Country Club Hills that this one on one meeting with the Mayor has been used for bullying and intimidation, especially against black women. It has been reported to The Southland Journal that Mayor Ford has made at least four business owners cry in the meetings with him over the last year.

Most recently, Deborah Reeves met with Mayor Ford under the culture of this unusual process. “I told Mayor Ford what I planned to do with my new business. We plan to do body contouring, teeth whitening, and vaginal rejuvenation.”

Ms. Reeves was told by Mayor Ford that she can’t do body contouring because there are already three body contouring businesses in Country Club Hills. He then stated that he doesn’t want Country Club Hills to become Chicago, where you see the same business on every corner.

According to the website, goldskincare.com, body contouring or body sculpting is a collection of non-surgical cosmetic treatments used to reveal a firm and toned body hidden underneath layers of fat or loose skin. The body contouring business sector has been very popular as of late.

After being told that she cannot open her contouring business, she asked if she could do teeth whitening. Mayor Ford initially told her that she could do teeth whitening only and that she would have to go and get a certification for teeth whitening. According to Deborah Reeves, “I went and got my teeth whitening certification right away… When I went back to speak with Mayor Ford to get my license like he said, I was told that black people don’t get their teeth whitened and that my business will fail, so he’s denying the application.

Deborah Reeves reportedly spent $20,000 on her business so far and has put down a $12,000 down payment toward the lease. “I told the Mayor that I paid $12,000 toward the lease already and he didn’t care,” said Ms. Reeves.

Ms. Reeves and many supporters from the Southland Black Chamber of Commerce & Industry has had over 100 people call the City of Country Club Hills in support of Ms. Reeves and her business. 

Ms. Reeves plans to attend the Monday, August 9th Country Club Hills City Council Meeting with the Southland Black Chamber of Commerce & Industry and her supporters.

This is an ongoing story…

“African-Americans Don’t Get their Teeth Whitened” Says Mayor Ford of Country Club Hills


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  1. I believe that Ms Reeves deserves a chance to do her business and we have to stop being our own worst enemy.

  2. I was present at that meeting, he showed nothing but bully ,deplorable behavior, to every individual, that came foward with a concern to address with the mayor, he shot them down, even alderman John Edward, he was very disrespectful, towards his own colleagues, of course he will treat the citizens as such, he needs to be removed, Arabs, Chinese, Caucasian and Mexicans has businesses on all the corners, THIS BLACK MAYOR, DOESNT WANT BLACK BUSINESSES ON EVERY CORNER.