A Statement from BCCI President Corey Walker

corey walker

A Statement from BCCI President Corey Walker (Decatur, IL) – In light of the present false allegations it is imperative that I make a statement to give clarity and truth to the situation. Mr. William Burch has personally committed the Defamation of myself and organization by making false claims, harassment via social platforms, contacting media outlets in hopes of promoting false narratives and pursuing an illegal course of action. His false allegations are serious in nature and have caused severe disruptions to my family, organization and those supportive of the BCCI missions and values. Burch’s egregious behavior has been reported to the IRS, Secretary of State Business Sector, Office of Attorney General as well as a police report has been filed with the Decatur Police Department.

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It is in good consciousness that I can truly state that I have not used the organization’s funds for my personal gain. The funding that Burch is alleging is BCCI is indeed my own personal funds. I have all documentation to support my position and will be moving expeditiously to clear up this matter. As all may know the chamber was in search for an incubator site to continue our mission to build strong businesses. The chamber’s financial intake (audited by the same accountant for 4 years) with membership, sponsorship, and donations did not have the capability of securing a building and the revenue barely exceeds $15,000 yearly as we are just gaining footing as an entity. The chamber has not received any substantial grants. The largest received thus far are 2 micro grants funded through our National Chamber umbrella in the amounts of $2,500 and a pending grant (not yet received) in the amount of $220,070 for the incubator through DCEO. I, being the Founder/CEO and very passionate about what I do in the community, was willing to use my personal funds in a dormant and completely separate account to show secured funds for the real estate transaction for the property BCCI was seeking to purchase.

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I have full confidence that this, when it is over, I and the chamber will be fully absolved of any malfeasance. In February of this year Mr. Burch was removed from his position as the chair, when it became apparent that he did not have the best interest of the organization I built from the ground up in mind. Our lawyer has sent cease and desist letters to Mr. Burch and his Chicago affiliates as well as copies of their termination letters. After discussion with chamber and my personal attorneys, we have decided that the public nature of his comments warrants a civil suit against him and his affiliates who will all be named for libel, defamation of character and irreparable harm to the BCCI Brand and our membership. There is a time to be silent and a time to stand up for truth. I ask this community which I have served for decades to stand with me as we fight back against these Chicago Individuals and their attempt to gain power and prestige. Please see all attachments.

A Statement from BCCI President Corey Walker

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