Village of Robbins: Public Safety Address

Village of Robbins: Public Safety Address


Village of Robbins: Public Safety Address (Robbins, IL) –

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Today, Mayor Bryant of the Village of Robbins released the following statement:

“October 2, 2021

“Dear Robbins community members,

“Thank you for your input as we collectively navigate Robbins through the intersection of a public safety, public health, and economic crisis. In regards to Public Safety, the Village of Robbins will continue to work alongside the Robbins Police and Fire Departments, and other community agencies to ensure that we do everything we can to keep our community safe.

“We are aware of the recent call-offs within our public safety departments. Therefore, we have contacted the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, along with surrounding municipal departments to assist us during these times.

“These concerns are not new – in fact – these concerns are inherited. As a new administration it is important to note that properly vetted leadership must be in place in order to produce progress. Also, effective leadership in collaboration with legal counsel, plays a pivotal role in any type of negotiation. We have recently hired new leadership within both our police and fire departments and have, in fact, been in communication regarding upcoming contract negotiations. We have faith that sustainable progress will be made to set the foundation for prosperity in our community for generations to come.

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“The Council Board and I are committed to positive change. However, this change must be guided by a comprehensive, informed, and collaborative plan that takes into consideration all of the needs of our community. Faced with economic uncertainty, we will ensure that we include all the necessary stakeholders to address employee concerns. This process will also require us to continue developing plans to increase revenue. In this issue, there is only one side–that is the Village of Robbins – and we stand in solidarity for amicable solutions.

“There is no simple solution for these issues, but the Administration is committed to the task. As we address issues of pay and working conditions, we will ensure that we recruit public safety professionals in the spirit of excellence. Furthermore, amid national concerns around police reform, we will make strategic decisions to recruit highly skilled public safety professionals. We must move forward with patience and a sense of urgency to ensure that we create lasting solutions to our community’s unique problems.

“As The Village of Robbins and the members of the Robbins Police and Fire Departments continue on this positive path, the well-being of our residents will remain a top priority. We ask our Robbins residents to continue to show unity and to advocate for peace as we deal with the multifaceted issue. I also thank the Council Board for their continued support.


“Mayor Darren E. Bryant”

You can download a copy of this statement here: Public Safety Address_10-2-2021

Village of Robbins: Public Safety Address

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