The Bulls leave San Francisco with a loss

The Bulls leave San Francisco with a loss 


The Bulls leave San Francisco with a loss (San Francisco, California) – The Bulls met the Golden State Warriors under the lights of the Chase Center today. The Bulls pushed extremely hard in the 1st quarter and made 3 out of the 6 shots outside the arc. They also made great advances at the net. Zach LaVine managed to find a great opportunity to take a step back fade-away shot from the top of the key to keep the momentum. By the end of the 1st quarter, the Bulls had taken an early lead over the Warriors by scoring 29 points while the Warriors scored 23. In the 2nd quarter, the Bulls struggled to make a 3-point shot, missing all 4 attempts. The Bulls also struggled holding position of the ball this quarter and were only able to shoot the ball 20 times compared to the Warriors, who were able to shoot the ball 28 times. The Bulls had fallen behind and were trailing the Warriors 51-45 by the half.

At the Half

The 3rd quarter held a very similar performance by the Bulls, and Warrior Stephen Curry was able to drain 4 shots outside the arc to allow the Warriors to extend their lead. The Bulls were only able to make 1 out of 11 3-point shots. The Bulls struggled to stop the Warriors, and the Warriors came up on top by the end of the 3rd. The Bulls had scored 17 points while the Warriors scored 35. Going into the final quarter, the score was 86-62 Warriors. In the 4th quarter, the Bulls changed up their strategy and started shooting short, shooting just five 3-pointers and making 3 of them. The Bulls were able to hold the Warriors back this quarter, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Warrior’s offense. The Bulls scored 31 points while the Warriors scored 33. The Golden State Warriors beat the Chicago Bulls 119-93.

Game Leaders

Game Leaders were Zach LaVine with 23 points along with DeMar DeRozan handing out 5 assists. Alize Johnson also was very involved in the defense and was able to snag 7 rebounds. Lonzo Ball was an aggressive player tonight with getting 4 steals and a block. The Bulls made 43.6% of their collective shots along with making 29.6% of every 3-point shot.

Up Next

The Bulls will be traveling to Los Angeles to face the Clippers Sunday (11/14/2021) at 8:30pm CST.

The Bulls leave San Francisco with a loss


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