Sullivan Surge Continues with Endorsements, National Attention, Rallies

Jesse Sullivan


Sullivan Surge Continues with Endorsements, National Attention, Rallies (Petersburg, IL) — Last week, a new poll showed Jesse Sullivan surging into the lead in the Illinois governor’s race, backed by other polls showing Sullivan gaining support from undecided voters.

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This week, the momentum continues to grow just a week ahead of Election Day, with new endorsements and national media attention. Sullivan will be hosting rallies this week in Peoria, Champaign, and Bloomington, and appearing at a Lincoln Day Dinner with Mike Pence in Peoria and the Trump rally this weekend in Quincy.

“The momentum and excitement we’re seeing from Illinois voters is truly inspiring, and we’re going to make conservative voters proud as the Republican nominee on June 28th,” said Jesse Sullivan, entrepreneur and outsider candidate for governor. “The more that voters are paying attention to the race, the more they’re seeing cause for concern in the other candidates–compared to true conservative values and a positive outsider message on our side. We’re building on this incredible momentum toward victory on Election Day.”

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Endorsements: Jesse Sullivan received the following endorsements today:

  • Former IL Senator Michael Connelly: “With the recent news that Caterpillar is following Boeing out of Illinois, it is more important than ever that the Republican Party nominate a candidate who understands the importance of making Illinois a destination economy. There is only one candidate in this race capable of uniting our party, winning in November, and leading our state back to prosperity. That candidate is Jesse Sullivan.”
  • IL State Representative Tony McCombie: “I am happy to announce that I am fully supporting and endorsing Jesse Sullivan to be the next governor of Illinois. Jesse is not a political insider trying to sell you anything other than the reality that political mismanagement is ruining our state! Jesse is an honest and ethical man whose values of faith, family and service have motivated him to do the work and develop solutions to Illinois challenges.”
  • IL State Representative Norine Hammond: “Illinoisans are hurting. With gas prices reaching record highs and inflation through the roof, the people of our state are desperate for a change. That is why I am proud to endorse Jesse Sullivan for governor.”
  • Kevin Coyne, Naperville City Councilman (2015-2021): “Illinois needs Jesse Sullivan. He’s focused on tackling Illinois’ terrible problems with crime. He has garnered vast support from leaders in law enforcement. I also believe he will attract support from all facets of our Republican Party. Let’s nominate Jesse Sullivan to be our Party’s candidate for Governor!”

Rallies/Events: In addition to Sullivan rallies in Peoria, Bloomington, and Champaign and an appearance at the Peoria Lincoln Day Dinner with Mike Pence this evening, Jesse Sullivan will also be appearing on the WIND-AM candidate debate on Thursday, June 23rd and talking to voters and member of the media at the rally featuring President Donald Trump on Saturday, June 25th.

Sullivan Surge Continues with Endorsements, National Attention, Rallies

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