Rep. DeLuca’s ‘Southland Reactivation Act’ Championed in Richton Park

Rep. DeLuca's 'Southland Reactivation Act' Championed in Richton Park

Rep. DeLuca’s ‘Southland Reactivation Act’ Championed in Richton Park (Richton Park, IL) — The Southland Reactivation Act was launched in Richton Park today with speeches and presentations by the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA), several local leaders, and other community stakeholders. The Southland Reactivation Act aims to lower property tax rates and increase jobs in the heavily blighted region by bringing underutilized parcels back onto the tax rolls.

Properties certified under the Southland Reactivation Act will be assessed at 50 percent of their last known equalized asset value. The property can qualify for the discounts for up to twelve years. Participating townships include Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, Rich, Thornton, and Worth Townships.

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“By creating the Southland Reactivation Act, we’re going to generate increased investment for our area,” said State Representative Anthony DeLuca, who sponsored the house bill, in a statement. “When this investment breathes new life in underutilized properties, the result is an expanded local tax base that will help drive down property tax costs on homeowners.”

Earlier, Senator Patrick Joyce, senate sponsor, said in a statement, “This will help bring new business to the Southland by incentivizing the revitalization of commonly overlooked properties. This legislation is a major victory for our Southland community.” Today, he called it a, “Big win for the Southland.”

State Representative Debbie Meyers-Martin was passionate about the act, signing on as bill co-sponsor. “For years, we’ve been challenged with high property taxes, and therefore, it would affect our ability to attract new business to the region, or to retain businesses. This is a very positive step. I think we’re embarking on a new era of economic development.”

Several local mayors were also present, including Richton Park Mayor Joseph Roudez III. As a champion for economic development, he was excited for what the act means for the region. “It’s going to benefit so many communities in the Southland as the Southland grown bigger, better, and stronger.”

Southland Reactivation Act House sponsors were representatives Anthony DeLuca, Robert Rita, Tim Ozinga, Debbie Meyers-Martin, William Davis, Justin Slaughter, Kelly M. Burke, Marcus C. Evans, Jr. and Nicholas K. Smith. Senate sponsors were Senators Patrick J. Joyce, Napoleon Harris, III, Michael E. Hastings, Elgie R. Sims, Jr., and John Connor. The legislation was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker in May. Those interested in learning more are directed to visit the SSMMA website to see the interactive tools and maps.

Rep. DeLuca’s ‘Southland Reactivation Act’ Championed in Richton Park

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