OpEd: Black People Lost Their Section 8. Pritzker Gives it to Illegal Immigrants Under the Disguise of Asylum Seekers

OpEd: Black People Lost Their Section 8. Pritzker Gives it to Illegal Immigrants Under the Disguise of Asylum Seekers

OpEd: Black People Lost Their Section 8. Pritzker Gives it to Illegal Immigrants Under the Disguise of Asylum Seekers (Chicago, IL) – This week Lori Lightfoot announced that she is accepting a bus load of illegal immigrants from Texas. This comes as Biden ordered the non enforcement of borders in Texas. Governor Abbott could not detain or do anything about these illegal immigrants breaking the law and illegally entering Texas. Since Chicago is an illegal “sanctuary city” (as they provide federal funds to people who are actively violating federal law), Governor Abbott made the move to send those people to Chicago.

Patricia Bonk for State Rep

Black People Have Housing Confiscated to Give to Illegal Immigrants

The Mayor, as well as Governor Pritzker, will take the money from public housing and from the black community to provide housing for illegal immigrants. The Mayor, Governor, and Tracey Scott (the head of CHA) have taken away emergency section 8 vouchers for black people. They are even trying to prosecute black people in public housing who own businesses and received pandemic loans. They are even threatening to take away these black folks’ public housing. The number of black people that they say they are looking to put out of their homes is “6,000”.

We find that this isn’t a coincidence. Because this same head of CHA, Tracey Scott in Chicago was being investigated in Minnesota for putting black people out of public housing. The same head of CHA replaced those black people with Somalians. Now Minnesota has a very large Somalian population and the result is a huge increase in black homelessness.

When CHA CEO Tracey Scott was leading the Public Housing Units in Atlanta, she was consistently under investigation. According to the Defend Glendale and Public Housing Coalition in Minnesota, the Atlanta Housing Authority displaced roughly 50,000 residents, handing them Section 8 vouchers which became increasingly hard to use in a quickly gentrifying city. The Guardian reported:

The Housing Authority came under fire for displacing communities of color and giving massive opportunities for profit to private developers.

A History of Discrimination by Tracey Scott

She has a history of putting black people in a situation where their vouchers don’t mean anything. Now she’s in a situation claiming that 6,000 black Chicago CHA residents need to be put out of their housing because they merely received a federal pandemic loan. This is a violation of their 4th and 14th amendments. It is not illegal for residents of public housing to have a business. According to federal law, specifically section 3, by law, CHA contracts are supposed to go to residents of CHA that in fact own businesses.

CHA CEO Tracey Scott breaks federal law in regards to section 3 by not giving those public housing residents that own businesses their contracts. Now she’s trying to evict them from their homes to give their home to illegal immigrants, while using the fact that they own businesses and received loans as an excuse. This is an outrageous travesty that needs to be investigated.

How is it that illegal immigrants are violating federal law, yet receive emergency vouchers. Why can’t black people get their emergency vouchers? Why are black people being kicked out of public housing?

Tracey Scott has a history of messing over black people. From Atlanta to Minnesota, and now Chicago.

It is obvious that Governor Pritzker has colluded with Mayor Lightfoot on this. Governor Pritzker alluded to this on twitter today:

Federal Funds Supporting Displacement of Black People

These people are coming to Chicago. The emergency housing money can only come from CHA. SNAP benefits are federal funds. All these funds that these illegal immigrants are receiving are unconstitutional. He’s taking money from black people on the South and West sides of Chicago. He’s then giving the money to people he thinks will vote for him. There has never been an emergency plan by this Governor to give out emergency section 8 vouchers and low income housing that have housing insecurity in the black community. Where is Tammy Duckworth? This is a federal issue.

This will affect thousands of people in the Southland who own houses and have section 8 residents. Section 8 helped these Southland lanldords keep their properties throughout the pandemic.

OpEd: Black People Lost Their Section 8. Pritzker Gives it to Illegal Immigrants Under the Disguise of Asylum Seekers

Monica Gordon for Cook County Commissioner

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