New Farm in Lynwood Plants Seeds of Hope



New Farm in Lynwood Plants Seeds of Hope (Lynwood, IL) – A new farm has begun planting seeds for various fruits, vegetables, grains, and even more importantly, dreams. Soileviah Farm off Glenwood-Dyer Rd. in Lynwood is owned by Dr. Prince Amiel. He and his wife Gina are building their dreams with the farm that is going to be growing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

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New Farm in Lynwood Plants Seeds of Hope
Blossoming pear tree at Soileviah Farm in Lynwood.

The farm previously grew soybeans and corn, but with the infusion of Amiel’s ideas, they have begun to sow a wide variety of produce, including bell peppers, collard greens, kale, onions, strawberries, pears, jalapenos, cilantro, and so much more. With the help of Ricky Thompson, their right-hand man on the farm, the seeds have begun to sprout.

Gina, Dr. Amiel, and Ricky (left to right).

Dr. Amiel, who is also the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Southland Black Chamber of Commerce and Industry, purchased the farm early this year, and recently began to plant the seeds for the organic produce they plan on growing. “Everything we grow here is totally organic,” said Amiel. “We don’t use pesticides or any other chemicals.” Their corn stock has already been purchased, despite having been in the ground for just a few days. The group also plans on keeping honey bees on the farm, which not only help with pollination, but will also produce local honey, which has numerous health benefits for consumers.

When asked of the meaning behind the name of their farm, Soileviah, Gina said, “Everything comes from the soil, including us. And we live from the soil.”

The 14-acre Soileviah arm boasts more than just farmland. Also attached to the property is a 2-story home, a garage with loft space, a second garage, and a large shed where Dr. Prince and his Soilevah team are germinating seeds indoors.

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Even more interestingly, Soilevah is a Black-owned farm. Farming in America has a contentious history when it comes to race. Even today, over 95% of farmers are white and over 98% of all farmland is white-owned. Through Soilevah, Dr. Prince and his team hope to begin filling the racial divide in the farming industry through educational opportunities. Gina said, “We hope to bring children here, to teach them about where their food comes from.”

Dr. Prince followed up by saying, “They need to know that their food doesn’t come from a grocery store. It comes from the land.” They both agreed that educating youngsters about the importance of farming and having an understanding of where their food comes from is one of the biggest goals they have.

All-in-all, Soileviah Farm is quite literally a breath of fresh air for the Southland region. Soileviah Farm will soon be selling their fresh, organic produce at local grocery stores and farmers markets, so keep on the lookout this summer for some of these amazing, healthy, and delicious treats!

New Farm in Lynwood Plants Seeds of Hope

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  1. Hello
    Does anybody know how I can contact this farm. I am the Market Manager for Park Forest Main Street Market and we love to have them as a part of our market. Do to a unfortunate circumstance we lost our farm vendor and we have a opening. We are 32 vendors strong, we accept LINK/SNAP and debit. Open Saturdays 7am to 12 152 Main St Park Forest. Info 708 890 0394

  2. i would love to contact the soleviah farm also, we do the same thing, have a garden, organice, however its not that big, but we still like to buy fresh veg etc. so whenever you are located for the farmers market let me know the location.