Markham Receives Grant for Municipal Smart Technology 

Markham Receives Grant for Municipal Smart Technology


Markham Receives Grant for Municipal Smart Technology (Markham, IL) — Many items on the agenda at Markham’s City Council meeting for the end of October were aimed at bringing in revenue and beautifying the city.

Thornton’s LLC was approved for a municipal motor fuel tax revenue sharing agreement. What this means for the city is that the establishment of the gas station will help bring revenue to the city. The construction project will take place at 159th and Kedzie Avenue.

A point of discussion before the final vote was about the vacant land on Troy Avenue. Thornton appraised the land to be $70,000 and the city of Markham appraised it at $90,000. A consensus was reached among the council to meet halfway at $80,000. The total construction cost, value of land, and appraisal are approximately $1.6 million.

Further in the agenda, Mayor Roger Agpawa mentioned strengthening the infrastructure of the city. He plans to apply for federal grants to help with this and emphasized the great work of the public works projects.

“We want to continue to improve our lighting, our streets, our infrastructure,” Mayor Agpawa stated. “We’re pretty strong compared to other communities with what we’re doing with public works.”

In addition to public works maintenance, Mayor Agpawa asked the council about supporting a local furniture business in receiving tax increment financing. The proposed funds would be used on a sprinkler system and landscaping in Canterbury Plaza, the city’s major shopping center.

The mayor was in favor of the funding, with the idea that a sprinkler system would be a permanent fixture that supports the city. Ald. Rondal Jones had concerns about the business maintaining the landscaping. No decision was made, but a reconvening with the business is planned.

Economic Development Director & City Administrator Derrick Champion presented information about a $900,000 grant the city won. The grant was awarded by Illinois Department of commerce to rebuild distress communities.

The funds will be used to implement eight 360-degree cameras and digital billboards with push-to-talk connections to the police department. The cameras will be installed in the business corridor of 159th street. Markham will be the first city in the southland to have this smart technology.

This will affect six streets, with five of them in the Ald. Rondal Jones’ 3rd ward.

Ald. Brenna Hampton-Houser spoke about the speeding problem on Park Avenue. According to her, cars race on the street like “Indy 500”.

“I’ve had many, many complaints from individuals on Park Avenue. It’s wearing on them” says Ald. Hampton-Houser.

Other items on the agenda included:

  • A resolution approving the extension and renewal of the re-proclamation and declaration of a continued local state of emergency with the city of Markham and approving the mayor’s determination regarding modifications to in-person meetings in response to the pandemic
  • Approval of a resolution by the city of Markham requesting to participate in the Cook County No Cash Bid program
  • An ordinance consenting to the Cook County Class 8 Property Tax Revenue Incentive for 22 lots within the city
  • Settlements for residents Anthony Reese and Tornetta Walker

Markham Receives Grant for Municipal Smart Technology


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