Law Enforcement Leaders Across Illinois Back Irvin for Illinois

Law Enforcement Leaders Across Illinois Back Irvin for Illinois


Law Enforcement Leaders Across Illinois Back Irvin for Illinois (Aurora, IL) — The Irvin for Illinois campaign is announcing a new list of 20 endorsements for Richard Irvin and Avery Bourne from law enforcement leaders across the state. The support from these influential leaders in our law enforcement community shows Irvin has a strong record in supporting police and giving them the resources they need to keep communities safe.

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“I am thrilled to have the support of even more law enforcement leaders from across Illinois who will help me take our state back from out of control crime,” said Mayor of Aurora and gubernatorial candidate, Richard Irvin. “Working with law enforcement is essential to creating safe communities, and earning these endorsements today is one step closer to achieving that for Illinois.”

Sangamon County Sheriff, Jack Campbell, is backing Richard Irvin because he is the only candidate that can truly take Illinois back from sky high crime by working with law enforcement, not signing dangerous anti-police policies into law.

“Our great state of Illinois has been made less safe by politicians who backed false narratives, rather than enforcing the rule of law,” said Campbell. “They didn’t bother asking law enforcement for our input on the disastrous crime bill. Richard Irvin is the candidate who will listen to us and seek our counsel. I have gotten to know Mayor Irvin and he is the real deal. I believe he is the best chance to return safety and security to the forefront of Illinois politics.”

Brian VanVickle, Ogle County Sheriff and Past-President of the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association, spoke to Richard Irvin’s proven record as Mayor of Aurora, working with police and against Pritzker’s damaging crime policy.

“From Northern to Southern Illinois, Governor Pritzker’s crime bill has made all of our communities less safe,” said VanVickle. “In his time as Mayor, Richard Irvin has shown a blueprint for how he will govern, that he will work with local Sheriffs’ offices and empower law enforcement with the resources needed to keep our communities safe. Mayor Irvin is the best chance that we have to defeat Pritzker in November and reverse his dangerous pro-crime policies.”

Terry Lemming, Former Lockport Chief of Police, is endorsing Irvin for Governor for the needed change in leadership in Springfield.

“I served in law enforcement for over 40 years and am honored to have been a command officer in the Illinois State Police and the Chief of Police in two south suburban Chicagoland communities,” said Lemming. “I can’t recall a more dangerous time to wear the badge. It’s critical that we have a change of leadership in Springfield – we can’t afford four more years of dangerous policies that have made our communities and police less safe. Mayor Irvin is the best candidate for Governor and will help us make our communities safe again.”

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As Fayette County Sheriff, David Russell has seen the negative impacts JB Pritzker’s leadership has had on law enforcement; he believes that Richard Irvin will make a difference for Illinois especially in public safety.

“Richard Irvin is the only candidate in the race for Governor with a proven track record of standing up for law enforcement and keeping his community safe,” said Russell. “As Mayor – in 2020 when looters and rioters tried to destroy his city, he stood up to them, stood with police, and protected his community. We desperately need new leadership in Springfield who will give Sheriffs a seat at the policy table, and help us keep our community safe. He is the best candidate to take on and defeat JB Pritzker in November.”

Tony Childress, former Livingston County Sheriff, added his support for Richard Irvin noting his proven success reducing crime.

“With crime out of control under JB Pritzker’s watch, it’s clear we need new leadership who can take Illinois in a better direction and work with law enforcement across the state to keep our communities safe,” said Childress. “I have confidence Richard Irvin is that leader – he has a proven record of reducing crime and having the backs of law enforcement time and again.”

The group of law enforcement endorsements includes the following:

  • Chris Bayless, Retired Special Agent (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives)
  • Tony Childress, Former Livingston County Sheriff
  • Tina Sherrow Bayless Retired Special Agent (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives)
  • Roy Bethge, Chief of Police (Village of Cherry Valley)
  • Jack Campbell, Sangamon County Sheriff
  • Mike Carmody, Morgan County Sheriff
  • John Carter, Chief of Police (City of Monticello)
  • Mark Doran, Ford County Sheriff
  • Gus Gloede, Retired Police Officer (Village of Lisle)
  • Terry Lemming, Chief of Police, Retired Chief of Police (City of Lockport), Retired Command Officer (Illinois State Police)
  • Vince Logan, Law Enforcement Instructor, Police Officer
  • Michael Murphy, Commissioner of Public Health and Safety (City of Hillsboro)
  • Mike Pila, Retired Police Lieutenant (Village of Orland Park)
  • Mike Ringhausen, Jersey County Sheriff
  • David Russell, Fayette County Sheriff
  • Patrick Sheehan, Police Officer
  • Pete Sopczak, Johnson County Sheriff
  • Dwayne Wheeler, Chief of Police (City of Taylorville)
  • Jerald White, Firefighter, Grundy County Board Member
  • Brian VanVickle, Ogle County Sheriff, Past President (Illinois County Sheriffs’ Association)

This list adds to over 30 law enforcement leaders who have previously endorsed the Irvin for Illinois campaign.

Law Enforcement Leaders Across Illinois Back Irvin for Illinois

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