Homewood Planning and Zoning Meeting Attendees Get Violent

Homewood Planning and Zoning Meeting Attendees Get Violent


Homewood Planning and Zoning Meeting Attendees Get Violent (Homewood, IL) – On Thursday afternoon, the Homewood Village Council held another Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing regarding the rezoning and redevelopment of the long-empty Calumet Country Club. Members of the public were invited to ask questions and provide comment on the proposed Diversified Partners warehouse development. The Southland Journal was present to view the meeting when the below events transpired.

While waiting for the doors to open, the small crowd of people outside started a ruckus when project supporter and Southland Black Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Dr. Cornel Darden Jr. approached the front of the line to ask a village official a question about the format of the meeting. A small mob of about 10 or so individuals, all assumed to be against the project, surrounded Dr. Darden, heckling him, calling him names, shouting racial epithets, and even getting physical. Two individuals “pushed” into Dr. Darden, one of whom was dressed in a full clown costume. Dr. Darden did not touch or otherwise provoke anyone until harassed and physically pushed.

A village employee and Homewood police officer then stepped outside to begin allowing people in. The employee stated they “saw what happened” then proceeded to tell Dr. Darden to get back to the end of the line. When Dr. Darden attempted to explain that he was assaulted, he was ignored by the officer.

According to Dr. Darden, the officer in question refused to do anything about the assault, then proceeded to repeatedly stand near Dr. Darden as he was seated in the waiting area. Dr. Darden said that he repeatedly asked for the officer to be removed from his presence. The officer then allegedly walked up to Dr. Darden and placed his hand on Dr. Darden’s shoulder. According to another police officer, the offending officer was finally sent home.

Dr. Darden also stated that he went to the Village of Homewood’s police station accompanied by his attorney, and that he filed complaints against the individual in the clown suit who pushed against him, and the officer who refused to help or otherwise intervene in the altercation.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold at least one more public hearing, as there are still further comments to be made.

This story is developing.

Homewood Planning and Zoning Meeting Attendees Get Violent


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  1. The innate bias in the wording of this article is damning. But if editorial slant is your thing. you are doing a great job.
    The Country Club has not been “long-vacant” but as a journalist you know using relative terms creates drama. FYI The course has been open and are still selling passes for next season.
    If your publication is pro-concrete and truck traffic, just post a disclaimer.