Ford Heights Mayor Annie Coulter Seeks Re-Election

Ford Heights Mayor Annie Coulter Seeks Re-Election

Ford Heights Mayor Annie Coulter Seeks Re-Election (Ford Heights, IL) –
Coulter was elected in 2017 with a focus on building community trust. “I have established more government transparency as compared to previous administrations. I even started special board meetings so that residents have space to share their needs, thoughts, and concerns.” Her open-door policy is one of the things that helps her stay connected to the needs of the community.

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Coulter has been a Ford Heights resident since the early ’70s, and now being mayor, gives her a platform to create the type of change residents deserve. “I want to continue to improve the condition of the city. I want to see more businesses on Lincoln Highway, and more lighting,” said Coulter on her plans to push for economic and new home development.

Coulter has worked to decrease the debt deficit and said she has achieved some margins of success. She worked closely with her administration to help secure grant funding through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Coulter also obtained a new fire truck valued at approximately $500,000 and developed a comprehensive plan with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

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If re-elected, Coulter plans to apply for more CDBG money to improve infrastructure.“We need to gain control over the flooding near the creek which may give some residents buyout options,” said Coulter

Her vision of redevelopment includes a focus on the farmland from Cottage Grove to Torrence Avenue, which is well over 50 acres. She stated, “This land can be developed to support emerging business.” Aware that change does take time, Coulter said she looks forward to another term to reach her goal of making positive change and creating a brand new Ford Heights.

Ford Heights Mayor Annie Coulter Seeks Re-Election

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