Dan Brady Understands the Weight of the Office


Dan Brady Understands the Weight of the Office (Cook County, IL) — From increasing organ donation to distracted driving, Dan Brady envisions the Illinois Secretary of State office as one of the most vital offices. 

“It deals with driver services across the state where it touches the lives of Illinois residents across the state. Obviously, it does everything from school bus certification to registration. The Secretary of State is the chief librarian in the state of Illinois, responsible for millions of dollars that go into our libraries across the state. I’ve dealt a lot and talked with automobile dealerships, the trucking industry on CDL license and others, and the importance of the business and economics as a whole. The state of Illinois Secretary of State’s office is in charge of getting things done in a timely fashion, and getting those titles turned out to the lien holders. When that doesn’t occur, and when you’re months behind that holds back the business and economic transactions in the state of Illinois, which is very important.” 

That is just one of many ideas Brady would bring to the office as he runs for Illinois Secretary of State. Another revolves teen drivers.

“While it’s important for our new drivers to have curriculum in the schools, I think the Secretary of State’s office could do a better job about partnering with our local school districts,” said Brady.  Number one, I think it’s important that in that curriculum, we have more focus on the vehicle reaction. For instance, what a 2,000 pound car can or can’t do and how it reacts to you. There are programs that are out there now across the country; one called street survival that actually has driving courses that I think would be very beneficial for our new drivers to be part of their curriculum. “


Other issues include expanding donor registration. As a state representative, he said he was proud to be the chief co-sponsor of H.B. 1805, which changes the age to be an organ donor from 18 to 16 to allow them to be included in the first person consent organ and tissue donor registry. This bill also allows the parents or guardians of the donor to amend or revoke the anatomical gift of the donor’s body. It is estimated that this legislation could add an additional 350,00 people to the Illinois Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.

On January 10, 2001 Dan Brady was sworn in as State Representative for the 88th Legislative District. Dan was named to the House Republican Leadership team in 2003 as Republican Caucus Chair and in 2008 he was named Assistant Minority Leader. He was sworn in as State Representative of the newly drawn 105th Legislative District on January 9, 2013 and was named Deputy Republican leader in January, 2017. He was a member of the House Task Force on Emergency Medical Services Funding and the Governor’s Task Force for Workers’ Compensation Reform. He also served as Co-Chair of the Illinois Funeral & Burial Pre-Need Task force, ombudsman on the Cemetery Oversight Task Force, a member of the Illinois Donor Authorization Task Force, and has served on both the Medicaid Managed Care Task Force and as Co-chair of the House Republican Committee on Methamphetamine. Brady has been active in legislative efforts affecting insurance, families, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. He most recently championed legislation to help local law enforcement agencies obtain information to assist them in responding to calls involving individuals with special needs.

Dan Brady Understands the Weight of the Office

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