Chicago Heights Seeks to Whet Water Sales in South Suburbs

Chicago Heights Seeks to Whet Water Sales in South Suburbs


Chicago Heights Seeks to Whet Water Sales in South Suburbs (Chicago Heights, IL) – The Chicago Heights City Council on Wednesday night approved an ordinance to take the first step in issuing $10 million in General Obligation Bonds for use improving the city’s water supply system. 

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Eric Anderson, managing director of investment banker Piper Sandler, the bond underwriter, told the council that future sales of water to new wholesale customers such as Homewood and Flossmoor would finance the 10-year bond, not city taxpayers. 

He added that the improvements, such as new meters, would make delivery more efficient and improve the city’s ability to monitor water intake and loss as it flowed from Lake Michigan through the supplier, Hammond, Ind., to Chicago Heights and its customers. Cutting water loss could potentially save the city millions per year.

The city also approved a resolution authorizing an agreement with New Life Baptist Church to set up a warming center at its 1633 Wilson St. location. 

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Karen Zarante, the mayor’s chief of staff, told the council that the city and church had been working for a while to launch the project. The Wilson Street location would provide the city with a warming center for the winter and a cooling center for the summer that is open 24 hours. Warming centers in the city now operate only during business hours. The church can also provide transportation to the facility.

The resolution authorizes the city to provide $41,000 to pay for facility upgrades such as new doors and windows, she said.

The city also adopted a resolution approving a redevelopment agreement to help in the sale of the city-owned commercial property at 1617 Lowe Ave. The developer plans to re-open the East Side Gym there. The property was sold for $10,000, with the developer estimating putting $80,000 to $90,000 into improvements to the facility.

In other business, the council: 

  • Adopted an ordinance approving the City Plan Commission’s findings for the vacant industrial property at 304 State St.;
  • Approved two resolutions totaling $205,000 to demolish 16 residences as part of the Beacon Hill Demolition Project;
  • Approved a bid award of $394,000 for the 2021 sewer restoration project;
  • And approved resolutions totaling $81,300 for the city’s 2021 alleyway cleaning and tree-clearing project; 2021 fall tree maintenance and removal project; and the 2021 tree stump removal and restoration project.

Chicago Heights Seeks to Whet Water Sales in South Suburbs

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