Bulls narrowly outlast the Knicks

Bulls narrowly outlast the Knicks


Bulls narrowly outlast the Knicks (New York, New York) — The Bulls took the court with early aggression at Madison Square Garden. The Bulls‘ 3-point game was good, making 3 out 7 shots outside the arc, but the real talent had to have been at the rim. The Bulls defense was too strong for the Knicks in the 1st quarter and they were able to get multiple breaks down the court to the rim. The Bulls were able to secure 37 points while holding the Knicks to receiving 19 points. In the 2nd quarter, the Knicks were able to make the quarter more competitive by keeping up with the Bulls’ pace. The Bulls had some more great movement at the rim with Zach LaVine shooting a corner 3, but it bounced off the rim for Javonte Green to launch up for the 2-point tip. The Bulls were also able to be consistent at their 3-point shots with making 2 out of 4 shots. The Bulls were able to make 32 points while the Knicks scored 32 points. The Bulls held a lead of 69 – 51 by the end the end of the 2nd quarter.

At the Half

In the 3rd quarter, the Bulls made 4 out of 11 shots outside the arc but their aggression seemed to slow down the closer they got to the rim. The Bulls struggled to make consistent shots in and around the paint. They also couldn’t seem to find and answer to the Knicks offense, allowing them to get 32 points while the Bulls only received 20 points. The Knicks were able to cover the spread and make up for the 1st quarter and closed the lead. The Bulls held on to their lead going into the final quarter with the score at 89 – 83.  In the 4th quarter, the Bulls brought back the fire we saw in the 1st quarter in and around the paint.  DeMar DeRozan was able to make a great spin move on his defender and hit a fade away 2 – pointer.  The Bulls were able to make 30 points and the Knicks made 32. The Bulls beat the Knicks 119 – 114.

Game Leaders

Game Leaders were DeMar DeRozan with 34 points along with Lonzo Ball, who handed out 6 assists. On the defensive side, Nikola Vucevic was able to snag 7 rebounds. Alex Caruso also was able to get 4 steals, while Lonzo Ball was able to get 3 blocks. The Bulls made 49.4% of their collective shots and 37.9% of every 3-point shot.

Up Next

The Bulls will be facing the Nets on Saturday (12/04/2021) in Brooklyn at 7:00pm CST.

Bulls narrowly outlast the Knicks


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