Bulls dominate Pistons after tough loss

Bulls dominate Pistons after tough loss


Bulls dominate Pistons after tough loss (Detroit, Michigan) – After the Bulls‘ tough loss against the Mavericks that broke their 9-game win streak, the Bulls seemed to start the game against the Pistons off a little sluggishly. They were able to secure a couple very good shots at and around the rim. At one time, DeMar DeRozan pump faking his defender and make a great mid-range jump shot. The Bulls were able to take a narrow lead by the end of the 1st quarter, securing 28 points while the Pistons made 27 points. In the 2nd quarter, the Bulls were able to make some shots from outside the arc, firing off 10 and making 4.  The Bulls missed six 3-pointers and those were the only shots they missed the whole quarter, making every shot they took in and around the paint. The Bulls created a larger lead, scoring 33 points and holding the Pistons to 25 points. By the half, the Pistons trailed the Bulls 61 – 52.

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At the Half

In the 3rd quarter the Bulls turned up the heat on their offense as well as their defense.  The Bulls were able to stay consistent with their shots at the rim and made 5 out of 8 of their shots outside the arc. The Bull’s defense was an incredible force, allowing the Pistons to make just 4 of their 2 dozen shots. The Bulls scored 36 points in the 3rd quarter while holding the Pistons to only scoring 14 points. Going into the final quarter, the Bulls had the edge with the score at 97 – 66. In the 4th quarter, with the Pistons morale at a low, the Bulls were able to shut them down again on the defensive side. The Bulls defense didn’t let any of the Pistons 7 three-point shots connect. The Bulls were not only able to stop the Pistons from range, but also all over the court. The Bulls with possession with the ball, didn’t squander it. They were able to make 7 out of 10 three-pointers and secure 36 points again, while holding the Pistons to 21 points. The Bulls beat the Pistons 113 – 87.

Game Leaders

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Game Leaders were Nikola Vucevic with 22 points along with DeMar DeRozan, who handed out 7 assists and snagged 12 rebounds. Troy brown Jr. also was able to get 6 steals and Lonzo Ball was able to secure 1 block. The Bulls made 54.3% of their collective shots and 52.9% of every 3-point shot.

Up Next  

The Bulls will travel to Brooklyn to face the Nets tomorrow (1/12/2022) at 9:00pm CST.

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