Altheimer Announces Campaign for Bloom Township Supervisor

Altheimer Announces Campaign for Bloom Township Supervisor


Altheimer Announces Campaign for Bloom Township Supervisor (Glenwood, IL) – Dr. Octavia I. Altheimer announces that she is running for Bloom Township Supervisor and has already hit the ground running. She is a businesswoman and Army veteran with over 25 years of leadership experience and is now running for Bloom Township Supervisor.

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“It’s time, after 20 plus years, to bridge the gap when it comes to the surrounding communities and vital services. We will not allow our community to continue to suer in silence,” Altheimer said.

Dr. Altheimer stated that the Bloom Township Supervisor should be a visible position because the community needs to know that the supervisor along with services exists to directly help the people. Because some Bloom Township residents are unaware of the type of assistance that is available when it comes to housing, healthcare, and nances, her plan is to tie those resources together for the community and change the messaging so that everyone stays in the loop and is no longer left out.

“We must bring together community residents along with our wide range of municipal services, housing support, and health and safety responses to the pandemic and beyond.”

As owner of O’DOAL LLC., a company that specializes in the focus of COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and education, Dr. Altheimer fought hard against having a gas-red power plant put into the community of Glenwood in an area that was originally zoned for residents. Her stance was against the hazardous conditions that the power plant would have brought to many families including her own children. So she couldn’t go along with a Flint, MI repeat right under the noses of the community.

Octavia is a veteran of the United States Army. She holds a Doctorate in Health Administration from Central Michigan
University, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Governors State University and an Associate’s
degree in Health Information Technology. She spends her free time with her 4 children.

Altheimer Announces Campaign for Bloom Township Supervisor


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