Wilcox’s Intentions? More Questions than Answers Ahead of Election

Wilcox's Intentions? More Questions than Answers Ahead of Election


Wilcox’s Intentions? More Questions than Answers Ahead of Election – The former Chicago Heights Library Board President, Lori Wilcox, has been under fire for the last several months amid allegations of misappropriating Library and Park District funds. She is currently under an FBI investigation for her role in the misappropriation of over $400,000. Below, you can find many of the flyers distributed throughout Bloom Township outlining her alleged corruption.

Bloom Twp Senior Wheels

Most recently, The Southand Journal has learned that Wilcox created a company called R3 Veteran Flowers with Francisco Perez, candidate for Bloom Township Highway Commissioner and Larecia Byrd Tucker, candidate for Bloom Township Assessor. The company, created March 10, 2020, lists 5 officers, including Wilcox and the aforementioned Bloom Township candidates.

The paperwork filed with the Illinois Secretary State’s office lists Wilcox as “Lori K. Wilcox RN,” which is inconsistent with her legal name, Lori J. Wilcox. The suffix following her name, “RN,” can only be assumed to mean “Registered Nurse,” however, a search of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) do not list Wilcox as a registered nurse, or any other type of nursing professional. The address listed matches that of Wilcox. The company has since lost it’s good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, just one year after incorporation. Calls to Wilcox for further clarification have been unreturned. You can download a PDF copy of the information available on the Illinois Secretary of State’s website below.

Wilcox has been entangled in controversy since the winter with several allegations of what appear to be blatant corruption and favoritism tied into the mishandling of the Library District’s funds.

The former Library Director under Wilcox’s tenure as Board President, Kelly Nichols-Brown, is Wilcox’s running-mate. Nichols-Brown is running for Bloom Township Clerk. Furthermore, Nichols-Brown’s husband was awarded a contract to clean the Chicago Heights Park District golf course facilities amid the COVID pandemic, when the buildings were closed. Wilcox is the golf course manager and Perez is Superintendent. Now, with the revelation that Wilcox created a company with 2 of her running-mates, one must question not only the integrity of the candidates, but their intentions.

Wilcox’s Intentions? More Questions than Answers Ahead of Election


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