Welch Announces Committees and Chairpersons of the 102nd General Assembly

Welch Announces Committees and Chairpersons of the 102nd General Assembly
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Welch Announces Committees and Chairpersons of the 102nd General Assembly (Springfield, IL) – Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch today announced the committees and chairpersons of the 102nd General Assembly, including six new committees to work on pressing priorities facing Illinois residents during this time of crises. “Illinois is facing a number of major challenges at once,” said Speaker Welch. “From ensuring a robust economic recovery to undoing systemic racism, delivering on gender equity and women’s issues, and getting our fiscal house in order; we need committee leadership who know how to facilitate collaboration, bring forward bold ideas, get bills through committee, onto the House floor, and to the Governor’s desk for signature. I am confident this group of committee chairpersons will deliver for Illinois residents.” The list of committees and their chairs includes:

  • Elementary & Secondary Education $ – Rep. Davis 
  • General Services $ – Rep. Crespo 
  • Higher Education $ – Rep. Ford 
  • Human Services $ – Rep. Lilly 
  • Public Safety $ – Rep. Mayfield
  • Adoption & Child Welfare – Rep. Willis 
  • Agriculture & Conservation – Rep. Harper 
  • Child Care Accessibility/Early Childhood Education* – Rep. Willis 
  • Cities & Villages – Rep. DeLuca 
  • Consumer Protection – Rep. Carroll 
  • Counties & Townships – Rep. Yingling 
  • Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & IT – Rep. Robinson 
  • Economic Opportunity & Equity – Rep. Smith 
  • Elem/Sec Education: Admin, Licensing, & Charters – Rep. Scherer 
  • Elem/Sec Education: School Curriculum & Policies – Rep. Mussman 
  • Energy & Environment – Rep. Williams 
  • Ethics & Elections* – Rep. Burke 
  • Executive – Rep. Rita 
  • Financial Institutions – Rep. Walker 
  • Health Care Availability & Accessibility – Rep. Greenwood 
  • Health Care Licenses – Rep. Mah 
  • Higher Education – Rep. Stuart 
  • Housing* – Rep. Guzzardi 
  • Human Services – Rep. Moeller 
  • Immigration & Human Rights* – Rep. Gong-Gershowitz 
  • Insurance – Rep. Jones 
  • International Trade & Commerce* – Rep. Thapedi 
  • Judiciary – Civil – Rep. Thapedi 
  • Judiciary – Criminal – Rep. Slaughter 
  • Labor & Commerce – Rep. Evans 
  • Mental Health & Addiction – Rep. Conroy 
  • Museums, Arts & Cultural Enhancement* – Rep. Lilly 
  • Personnel & Pensions – Rep. Halpin 
  • Police & Fire* – Rep. Hurley 
  • Prescription Drug Affordability & Accessibility – Rep. Guzzardi 
  • Public Utilities – Rep. Walsh 
  • Restorative Justice – Rep. Cassidy 
  • Revenue & Finance – Rep. Zalewski 
  • State Government Administration – Rep. Kifowit 
  • Tourism* – Rep. Robinson 
  • Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges – Rep. Moylan 
  • Transportation: Vehicles & Safety – Rep. D’Amico 
  • Veterans Affairs* – Rep. Kifowit

By creating new special committees focused on ethics, housing, immigration, and restorative justice, Speaker Welch has organized the House to deliver the priorities front and center for underserved communities across Illinois. These chairs are experienced leaders who know the intricacies of lawmaking and will work in consultation with Senate counterparts and the Governor’s office to make sure Illinois comes back as a stronger, more equitable state. 

As a next step in this process, members will have the opportunity to indicate which committees they wish to be assigned to. 
Additionally, after consultation with members of both political parties, Speaker Welch determined to cancel the February 2-4, 9, 11, and 16-18 sessions of the House. Representatives will return to Springfield on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, for a one-day session to adopt House Rules for the 102nd General Assembly that will authorize remote work and legislating for committees.
The February 10 session will be at the State Capitol, rather than the Bank of Springfield (BOS) Center. A system of rotating members between the chamber and their offices will be implemented to maintain social distancing. The BOS Center will be available as a backup option if chamber use is ultimately determined not yet feasible.

Welch Announces Committees and Chairpersons of the 102nd General Assembly


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