Vision Salon Sets Standard on Eye Problem Prevention Tactics

Vision Salon Sets Standard on Eye Problem Prevention Tactics


Vision Salon Sets Standard on Eye Problem Prevention Tactics (Blue Island, IL) – Vision Salon’s mission is to preserve, restore and enhance the vision of every customer. Owner of Vision salon, Dr. Ansel T. Johnson, believes early detection and prevention is the key to eye health. “Eye care is often seen as who has the best sale on glasses which is really not the full scope on it. It is a primary healthcare profession, and Optometrists will find people that have high blood pressure, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. We like to manage your eye wellness as opposed to trying to fix a problem once the wheel has already fallen off the wagon,” he explained. 

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Advanced Technology 

The staff uses the most up to date technology to monitor eye health. The machines can detect change years before it becomes a major health problem. Glaucoma is a silent cause of blindness among the community because symptoms don’t show until it is too far advanced and irreversible. Dr. Johnson and staff hope to bring more awareness on this issue. 


Another major cause for concern in the community according to doctor Johnson is Diabetes. African Americans are over 60 percent more likely to develop diabetes, which is also a concern for eye health. Vision Salon is the only eye care facility in the state of Illinois, and one of two in the country, that has a nationally certified diabetes education program. They also have a non-profit that began in 2020. Healthy Living With a Vision’s goal is to raise money for those who don’t have the insurance or resources. 

Impact on Black Community

African Americans make up less than two percent of optometrists in the country. “The real kicker for me when I was starting the profession was that there were only about 400 out of 2700 Black Optometrists. We have a lot of people that look like us that have never seen an eye doctor that looks like them.” said Johnson. The company has goals on expansion and promoting more black eye doctors.

Vision Salon is located at 12812 S. Western Avenue Blue Island, Illinois 60406. If interested additional information on eye care services, please visit or call (708) 385-0013. 

Vision Salon Sets Standard on Eye Problem Prevention Tactics


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