Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/12/2021

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/12/2021


Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/12/2021 (Robbins, IL) — The Village of Robbins today held their regular board meeting. Mayor Bryant promptly called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM. Trustee Michael Collier was absent, however, the rest of the trustees were present.

Bloom Twp Senior Wheels

The first item on the agenda was the approval of meeting minutes from September 1, September 14, and September 27. The trustees and mayor took a few minutes to read through the minutes. The vote passed without discussion.

Communications & Announcements

The next portion of the meeting held communications and announcements, as seen below:

  • Robbins’ Community Harvest Fest held at the Robbins Community Center:
    • October 29: Haunted House (Admission – $10 for children 12 & up; $5 for children 4 – 11);
    • October 20: Free Youth Harvest Fest;
  • Community Tree Planting at the Robbins Community Center: October 23 from 10 AM – 1 PM;

A representative from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s office spoke on a new Fair Transit pilot program being brought to the Southland. Al Kindle stated that this $30 million program aims to reduce cost of certain Metra and Pace lines and increase ridership so that there can be an expansion of employment opportunities for Southland residents. The affected lines are the Metra Electric and Rock Island lines for Metra and the 352 Hasted Bus line for Pace. These discounts will substantial, allowing for a 50% fare reduction for riders.

Kindle also spoke briefly on $75 million in aid available for rental assistance through the county as well as CEDA water bill assistance. He asked that the village consider adding the information on water bill assistance to residents’ monthly statements.

Administrative Reports

Mayor Bryant addressed the need for a grocery store in Robbins and stated that this project will be happening. He also mentioned that CDBG bidding is open, and that those interested are to follow up with the Clerk’s office. Bryant further reported that Executive Assistant Todd Stroger would be departing for Springfield in the upcoming week to attend veto session and referred citizens to a document listing the new standing committees and the members of those committees. He also briefly brought up the police department, mentioning newly installed Chief of Police David Sheppard and that contract negotiations were to begin soon.

There was no Clerk’s Report, however Trustee Tiffany Robinson asked Clerk Sharon Dyson if it was possible to receive monthly reports on business license applications, real estate transfer stamps, and permits. Clerk Dyson took note, and said that the permits would have to come from the building department.

There was no Treasurer’s Report.

Committee Reports

Trustee Robinson provided some information about the ordinance committee, saying that the next meeting will be on October 19. She also spoke of attending a Worth Township event last week. She said that the township officials she met there were receptive and willing to work with the village. Robinson also had the opportunity to meet Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart at the event. Sheriff Dart followed up with a hand-penned note to the trustee.

Next, Trustee David Dyson met with U.S. Representatives Bobby Rush and Danny Davis, where they spoke of their upcoming elections and the Ways and Means Committee. According to their website, the Ways and Means Committee is, “oldest committee of the United States Congress, and is the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives.” Dyson reported that Rush and Davis met with President Joe Biden, where they discussed jobs and transportation. Rush also expressed his concern that there would be a food shortage due to farmers receiving federal money for not planting crops. Rush asked to be on the agriculture committee.

No New Business, Few Comments

The only agenda item was the approval of the Warrant List. Trustee George Brewton stated there was no warrant list at the time.

Before opening the floor to the citizens, Mayor Bryant allowed new Village Administrator Jasmine Washington to update the trustees and citizens. During her first week as administrator, Washington said she met with department heads to develop systems and processes to enhance communication between departments. She also worked with the departments to begin the process of developing budgets. Washington said that the departments have been working with appropriation lists.

Bryant also spoke briefly on the topic of a forensic audit. He said that the new administration is still in the process of discovering issues within the village so no audit has been ordered yet. Bryant stated to could take months to years to sort everything out.

Trustee Robinson thanked Legislative Assistant Ryan Buckley for providing the trustees with a code key so that village billing could be more easily understood.

Public comment was uneventful, although one village resident asked Mayor Bryant when repairs would be made to the Community Center Building, which is owned by the village. Bryant said he would follow up with Park District Board President Roberson to ensure the repairs are made.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM.

View the meeting here:

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/12/2021


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