Tinley Park Residents Make Case for Mini Pig Ownership

Tinley Park Resident Makes Case for Mini Pig Ownership
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Tinley Park Residents Make Case for Mini Pig Ownership (Tinley Park, IL) — The village of Tinley Park held its regular board meeting Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Trustee Galante was not present. During the public comments portion of the meeting, resident Philip Vana and his wife Breanna discussed concerns that they may not be able to keep the mini pigs, named Pierre and Milton, they have kept as pets for almost eight years.

Philip Vana stated that they have had the two pet mini pigs for just under eight years, and they had no idea that there was an ordinance against keeping them as pets. The Vanas treat these mini pigs like family, they live inside just as dogs and cats would, and go outside to relieve themselves.

Animal control received an anonymous call about their pets violating a village ordinance and informed the Vanas that they have to get rid of their pigs. Philip stated that the pigs are microchipped, neutered, receive veterinary care, and are registered as emotional support animals.

Mayor Glotz responded that he had done some research on the permissibility of mini pigs as pets in nearby communities and found that Oak Forest and Joliet allow them, while most other communities do not. Glotz stated:  “We feel for you, but the problem is you didn’t know there wasn’t an ordinance which, we believe you, but now what do you tell the person that doesn’t want to live next to Pierre?”

Other Agenda Items

(all approved)

  • Consider approval of agenda
  • Consider approval of minutes of the special village board meeting held on June 7, 2022.
  • Receive presentations of the Tinley Park business spotlight – Carralynn Cosmetics, Overstreet Acupuncture, and the Kiera and Friends Lemonade Stand for Charity
  • Consider promoting the following individuals to the position of fire engineer: Frederick Ford, Anthony Butera, Brian Hoogervorst, Steven Grzeszkiewicz, Liam Fitzmaurice, Shane Garren, Paul Reyes, Joseph Haaga, Joseph Daluga, Joseph Smulevitz, and Ryan Simon
  • Consider appointing Brian Wood to the position of sergeant for the Tinley Park Police Department, effective June 22, 2022
  • Consider appointment of Morgan Dunn to the position of 911 dispatcher
  • Consider appointing Anthony Ardolino to the position of information technology director
  • Consider appointment of Anne Sortino to the position of management analyst
  • Consider approval of the following consent agenda items:
    • Consider payment of outstanding bills in the amount of $2,197,202.18 as listed on the vendor board approval reports dated June 10 and 17, 2022.
  • Consider adopting ordinance 2022-o-052 amending certain vacation benefits
  • Consider adopting ordinance 2022-o-048 establishing pay scales for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2023
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-071 approving a professional services agreement between the village of Tinley Park and the Horton Group
  • Consider appointing Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd. As administrative hearing officer for the village of Tinley Park
  • Consider adopting ordinance 2022-o-051 amending Title XI, Chapter 112, Section 22 of the Tinley Park Municipal Code reduction of one (1) Class P Liquor License
  • Consider ordinance 2022-o-046 approving a text amendment to the village of Tinley Park Zoning Ordinance defining and pertaining to extended stay hotels in certain zoning districts
  • Consider ordinance 2022-o-045 approving a text amendment to Title XI: Business Regulations, Chapter 129a Hotel Accommodations Tax, Section 129.03: Definitions as well as amending Chapter 116: temporary and permanent residential housing licenses and certificates
  • Consider adopting ordinance 2022-o-040 amending the village of Tinley Park zoning ordinance pertaining to accessory structures, driveways, and the transfer of regulations from the building code
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-072 approving and accepting a final plat for the Tinley Park Business Center Subdivision located at 19501-19701 Harlem Avenue
  • Consider adopting ordinance 2022-o-049 granting Ground Rules Jiu Jitsu a special use permit for a martial arts/fitness facility at 17200 Oak Park Avenue
  • Consider adopting ordinance 2022-o-050 granting Park Lawn Association a special use permit for a developmental education facility at 17007 Oak Park Avenue
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-073 approving and awarding a redevelopment grant to The Whistle Bar & Grill for facade improvements located at 7537 159th Street
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-074 approving an emergency contract between the village of Tinley Park and Airy’s Inc. For the repair of a 24″ water main
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-075 approving a contract between the village of Tinley Park and Traffic Control Company for the 2022 pavement marking program
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-076 approving an engineering service agreement between the village of Tinley Park and Robinson Engineering
  • Consider adopting resolution 2022-r-077 approving an engineering service agreement between the village of Tinley Park and Christopher b. Burke Engineering (CBBEL)

Tinley Park Residents Make Case for Mini Pig Ownership


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