Thomas Lynch Wants Government to Work for the People



Thomas Lynch Wants Government to Work for the People (Cissna Park, IL) — Thomas Lynch understands that people tend to gravitate over hot button issues such as abortion and gun rights. And while he has strong opinions on those topics, he believes there are critical day to day issues that affect families more that the government continues to ignore. 

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“It almost always seems like what the government does is counterintuitive to the people. And the things that government complain about, there’s a huge disconnect with the people and what they are dealing with.”Said Thomas Lynch, who is running for Illinois 2nd Congressional District.  “We can talk about immigration, and we can talk about gun rights. So we can talk about all the other hot button issues  that come up every election cycle, but people are suffering, because of irresponsibility from the federal government. The federal government needs to start taking note of that, and start paying attention to what the people actually care about, and that is our pocketbooks. And that is getting smaller. Instead of sitting here complaining about issues that we’ve complained about for the last 20 years, let’s start complaining about the issues that are affecting us today that are going to affect us tomorrow.


Everyday issues

Some of the issues he sees as essential are fuel prices and basic economic family needs. 

“Everyday people totally understand the fuel prices crisis, and how every time you go to the grocery store, things are more expensive. People trying to find jobs that they enjoy doing for the rest of their lives,” he said. Currently, the issues are all money, you know? How are we going to put food on our tables? What are we going to do if we do have a food shortage? What are we going to do for the people, if gas prices don’t get under control. 

He points to government salaries as part of the reason why they are disconnected.

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“Whereas the guys in Washington making $200,000 a year, they don’t know or they don’t care. They’re too separated from the reality of everyday Americans. The average income is just north just south of $50,000 a year and the people that are supposed to represent us make three times that much. It just doesn’t make any sense,” said Lynch. 

Career background

Lynch is a member of his local American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, FFA Alumni and a former volunteer firefighter and EMT. He served in the Army with one tour to Iraq where he sustained an injury that eventually led him leaving the service with an honorable discharge. Since then, he has worked with behavioral issues in young men and now works for the State of Illinois and the USDA as a Meat and Poultry inspector. 

“I’m a normal American like most people,” added Lynch. “I have a job, I pay taxes, and I’m not the smartest man in every room I enter. “It’s time to put a normal American in Washington because Washington isn’t listening to normal Americans. “I’m someone who always looks at issues from a standpoint and looks at them objectively and sees what we could do to make it better.  We need a lot more normal Americans in Washington  because Washington’s not really paying attention to what normal Americans really care about.”

Thomas Lynch Wants Government to Work for the People

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